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7 Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses That Your Bridesmaids Will Be Proud To Wear

There is so much to do when preparing for your wedding.  You'll need to decide where the venue will be, you'll need to send out the invitations, and you'll need to choose your wedding dress.  One thing you may forget to add to your wedding planning checklist is to choose the bridesmaid dresses.  Or perhaps you have quickly looked over dresses and thoughtlessly decided which ones your bridesmaids will wear.  But as busy as you may be, it is important to take your time and have your bridesmaids help decide which dresses they will wear.  To help you choose dresses for them to wear, I've gone over the best bridesmaid dresses ever and put them together into this article.  Now your big day will be that much more special for you and your bridesmaids.  Enjoy!

bridesmaid dresses

Godet Gown

Have your bridesmaids stand out with this beautiful godet gown.  With the flowing fabric and flowery design, this bridesmaid dress is both beautiful and unique.  It is short sleeved and looks great on anybody.  There are many different colors you can choose from.  You could get the off-white colored dress as shown below, or you could go with dark blue, heather blue, or mint.  Let your bridesmaids pick which color they like the best.  To buy this bridesmaid dress, click here.

bridesmaid dresses

Image Source: Adrianna Papell

The Loose Curve-Hugger

There are many unique features on this bridesmaid dress.  First, the dress is made to hug your middle so that it is form fitting.  Second, the lace on the top of the dress adds beauty and covers the shoulders.  The dress touches the floor, and in the back the dress comes down and forms a V around the shoulders.  You can buy this dress at

bridesmaid dresses

Image Source: Morilee

Knee-High Slit Dress

It can be difficult to find a dress that fits both your needs and your bridesmaids' needs.  It can be especially hard if you want to show off their legs but they don't want a large slit on their dresses.  So why not please everybody and get a dress that has a slit only knee high.  This dress comes up all the way to the neck.  In the back the dress touches the floor, but in the front there is a slight slit.  This dress can be bought at Allure Bridals.

bridesmaid dresses

Image Source: Allure Bridals

Chiffon Skirt

With the sparkles on the top and the flowing skirt at the bottom, this dress will surely be adored by your bridesmaids.  As you can see, there is a small bow tied around the waist which adds more detail and beauty to the dress.  It is ivory colored, so it is slightly off white and therefore does not resemble your wedding dress.  You can buy this bridesmaid dress by clicking here.

bridesmaid dresses

Image Source: Morilee

High Neck V Back

Instead of being a V neck, this dress comes up high in the front and forms a V in the back.  This is a great option if your bridesmaids don't want too much of their chest shown, but don't mind having the dress show their back.  The dresses may be too sparkly for some people's taste, but the sparkles are what make this dress noticeable and unique.  To buy this bridesmaid dress, click here.

bridesmaid dresses

Image Source: David's Bridal

The Wrap Dress

This is a loose hanging dress that is both simple and stunning.  With the belted waist and fluttering edge, your bridesmaids will most likely fall in love with this dress.  The shoulders are covered by the short sleeves, and the back of the dress touches the floor.  The front of the dress on the other hand comes up to the ankles.  Click here to buy this beautiful bridesmaid dress. 

bridesmaid dresses

Image Source: Nordstorm

Jive Top and Hampton Skirt

The fancy top and plain skirt combined makes this bridesmaid dress simply stunning.  The top of this dress is laced and has a flowery design.  At the bottom, the dress is loose and can flow freely.  This bridesmaid dress can be bought at BHLDN, also known as Beholden.

bridesmaid dresses

Image Source: BHLDN

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

bridesmaid dresses
  • Know Your Budget - Decide what your budget is ahead of time so that you don't end up spending more money than you can afford.
  • Research All The Bridesmaid Dresses Available - You don't want to settle for a bridesmaid dress until you've done all the research you can.  Once you find one that you and your bridesmaids really like, make sure there is none similar to it that is prettier or cheaper.  Search local dress shops and online before you settle for a dress.
  • Order The Wedding Dress First - It may seem convenient to do all the shopping at once, but it is better to buy your wedding dress first.  That way you'll know what you want the bridesmaid dresses to look like and if they go well with your wedding dress.
  • Decide What Color Dress You Want Them To Be - Once again, it is helpful if you order your wedding dress first, because then you can decide what color you want the bridesmaid dresses to be.  Also consider what your wedding color theme is.  Perhaps if your wedding color theme is orange, your bridesmaid could wear orange dresses.  When you choose the color you want ahead of time, you are not limiting the amount of bridesmaid dresses to choose from.  Bridesmaid dresses come in all different colors, so don't be afraid to choose the color you want ahead of time.
  • Know The Size Of Your Bridesmaids - You don't want it to be the day of your wedding and one of your bridesmaids realizes her dress doesn't fit.  Of course, your bridesmaids will probably try on their dresses beforehand, but you get the point.  It is important to buy the right size dress.  Ask your bridesmaids what size dress they wear, and have them help pick out the dress.  If there isn't a dress in one of your bridesmaid's size, either opt for having them wear different colored dresses or find another dress that is in all their sizes.
  • Let Your Bridesmaids Help Pick The Dress - If your wedding checklist is overwhelming you, give your bridesmaids the job of choosing there own dresses.  They'll probably be happy to do this task and will be able to find dresses in their size and taste. If you won't be with them while they do the shopping, you may want to let them know the color dresses and style you want them to wear.

Other Bridesmaid Accessories

bridesmaid dresses
  • Shoes - While you may be mainly thinking about the bridesmaid dresses, it is important that you choose some accessories for your bridesmaids.  One of those must-have accessories is the shoes.  Whether it is heels or simple sandals, the shoes are going to be an important accessory to choose. However, make sure you give your bridesmaids the chance to choose the shoes they want.
  • Bracelet - A bracelet is a pretty accessory to match up with a beautiful bridesmaid dress.  If you have been wanting to get your bridesmaids a gift, this is a great gift to give them.  Give it to them before the wedding so that they can wear it during the ceremony.
  • Earrings - While not as important as other accessories, earrings are still important to choose.  Decide if you want all the earrings to match, or if you don't mind them all looking slightly different.
  • Floral Crown - It is common for bridesmaids and sometimes the bride to wear a floral crown.  It is simply a circular crown made from flowers that you place on your head.  Floral crowns are very easy to make (get the full instruction guide by clicking here.)
  • Other Hair Accessories - If your bridesmaids decide not to wear floral crowns, you'll need to decide what they will do with their hair.  Perhaps you all want to wear matching barrettes, or maybe you don't mind if one bridesmaid wears a hair tie and another wears a barrette.

Final Thoughts On Bridesmaid Dresses

bridesmaid dresses

Your big day is approaching, and that means that you have to begin planning for it. One of the things you have to plan for is what your bridesmaids will wear. Hopefully this article has helped you pick out bridesmaid dresses that your bridesmaids will love.  Don't forget to include them on the picking-of-the-dress.  Let them help decide which style they like the best.  In this article, I gave six tips for choosing the best bridesmaid dresses, as well as some accessories to buy.  Have fun picking out bridesmaid dresses!  Hopefully you find some that fit your needs.

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