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Bring Out Your Inner Mother Nature: 10 Beautiful Flower Hairstyles for Your Special Day

When it comes time for you to celebrate your special day with your friends and family, you’re going to want to make sure that everything’s right. From invitations to food choices, music options to even the wedding cake that you choose. But just as important to your overall aesthetic is how you, the bride, are going to look.

I am pretty sure that you already picked out your dream wedding dress (I mean, it is the first thing to get done right?), and you probably have decided on what your bridesmaids are going to be wearing too. But you most likely have no thought about hair. And if you have, it is possible that you have more than one idea and are confused.

With that in mind, we’ve got a few ideas that you can look into when it comes to choosing a super cute and sexy flower hairstyle, while also allowing you to unleash your inner mother nature with the flowers. If you want lots of options, have no fear! We are going to cover up dos, single blooms, half up half down, and others to make sure that you get the exact look you want for your special day!

So read on to get a look at some of the latest trends when it comes to beautiful wedding flower hairstyles, and rest easy knowing that this will be one more thing that you can cross off your list.


1) The Ever-Popular Up Do

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When it comes to classic hairstyles that will always look good on your wedding day, it’s hard to go wrong with the forever classy and cute up do. You can choose to go with the Boho up do, or if you’re looking for a more natural look, you can choose the messy up do in picture number two. You can go with the more romantic option in number three, or even the roses hairstyle shown in picture number four. Whatever you go with, any one of these beautiful up do’s will look incredible!


2) The Confident and Romantic Single Bloom

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For those brides who want to make a big statement yet still have a romantic appearance, the single bloom style is the perfect choice for you! In terms of flowers that would work well with this type of hairstyle, you can’t go wrong with fluffy peonies or dinner plate dahlias. This look can complement just about any hair type for those who are insecure about their hair, and will obviously complement it well!


3) Half Up, Half Down and a Little Pinned Away in Between

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For those wanting a simple hairstyle to flow on your shoulders, but still want a little part of it up, this might be just for you! A few strands of hair, twisting it carefully, and pinning it behind with a few flowers is a simple style, but still gives it a little color! The hair that you put up doesn’t necessarily have to be the crown section of your hair, but it is one way to get the half up, half down you look you might be wanting!


4) Braid and/or Side Braid

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Want to look like Elsa from Frozen (that is not a joke, it is a serious question)? This hairstyle is great for brides who want to use delicate, small flowers and draw eyes to a beautiful braid in their hair, rather than the flowers. You can use daisies, baby’s breath, or even some tiny roses if you want. Flowers and braids definitely bring the A-game to your wedding day!


5) Braided Halo Crowns with Flowers Interwoven In the Braid


Are you going for the Greek goddess look? This pretty, intricate braided up do can be done with white roses and baby’s breath. This looks is wonderful for brides who are not interested in curling their hair before they braid it. If you have straight, naturally frizzy, curly, or wavy hair (so basically every hair type),this cute braided style will make you look stunning and can work on almost anyone!


6) Floral Crowns

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If you are passionate about the “Go big or go home!” philosophy, then a big flower crown is totally the way to go. You can could wear this style for a Bohemian themed wedding. Or if you are going for a more traditional and classy look, then simple straight hair with the crown is just as beautiful. This look is unique, and brides can totally rock it!


7) The Classy Bohemian Floral Tuck$!400x.jpg

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Bohemian Brides! Pay attention to this simplistic and gorgeous hairstyle. Perfect with a few pastel blooms, get yourself done up with a braided bun and you will be rocking this super classy hairstyle in no time. It’s hard to find faults with a flower hairstyle like this, and a mix between small braids and an up do might be just what you need!


8) Loose Curls Complemented by a Floral Pin$!400x.jpg

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This is a nice style for brides who want to let their curls flow and go a more natural route, while still looking chic and classy enough for a wedding setting. The small floral pin is the perfect touch to add to the natural look you might be seeking.


9) Match Your Bouquet$!400x.jpg

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With this style, it is important to go with a single bloom that matches your bouquet to a T. With a matching flower in your hair with the bouquet in your hand, this gives your wedding aesthetic, as a whole, a more fine tuned and perfect auroua.


10) Chic Floral Head Band$!400x.jpg

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Last, but not least, we have the always popular and always beautiful chic floral head band. This is a great complement for brides who have longer hair. With your hair swept over one shoulder and your neck exposed on the other, this gives a sexy, but classy, look to your wedding hair. If you have short hair and still want to incorporate a head band, we suggest curling your hair with the headband, along with using a headband with smaller flowers so it does not take over the hair completely.



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