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10 Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Man Who (Says) He Doesn’t Want Anything

Have you begun your search for the perfect Valentine’s gift for him? Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to think of yet another special gift for your man.

Maybe your man is like mine and says he doesn’t want anything. My husband doesn’t even want me spending money on him. Well, that leaves me in quite the position as I sincerely want to give him a gift for Valentine’s Day. I have to be clever and resourceful in my gift choices, finding a gift that’s not only good for the wallet but something he will enjoy.

If you’re in the same boat as me, take heart because today we have some Valentine’s gift ideas for a boyfriend or a husband who says they don’t want anything. Not to mention these gifts are budget friendly!

Give Him A Massage

valentines gift ideas

Think about if you can afford to buy him a massage from a local spa. You won’t regret it, and he will be so happy. A great resource to check would be Groupon or any other coupon service. A massage is incredibly relaxing and totally worth it, especially if your man does a lot of hard physical labor or plays a sport.

But if the massage price is too steep for your budget (like it is for ours), recreate the same relaxing environment and give him one yourself. And I don’t just mean a quick little massage on just one area of his body. I’m talking a full body massage. Dim the lights, turn on relaxing music, use lotion, and talk softly as you massage him. Perhaps you can even buy him a new soft robe or towel to use afterwards.

Buy Something Practical


This idea might not be appealing to every couple, as some just don’t want to receive something so dull as a gift. But if you’re in a serious penny pinching time, this is an awesome idea. If your husband is needing new socks, gift them. His razor needs new blades? Great. Your boyfriend’s shoes are falling apart and he desperately needs new sneakers? Voila, the perfect gift. I know not everyone is so keen on getting a practical Valentine’s gift for him, but I know my husband would appreciate the creativity and wisdom of saving money.

Give A Happy Notes Jar


Don’t tell my husband, but this is probably the gift idea I will go with this year. With this gift, you can give him some personal encouragement each day. Just fill a jar with pieces of paper that have jokes, memories, kind words, etc. on them and tell your man to read one a day at work when he needs it most. If you fill it with 365 pieces of paper, it will last until next Valentine’s Day! I did this with my best friend one year for Christmas, and she loved it so much that she reused it several times.

If your Valentine doesn’t have the kind of job where he can take a quick happy jar break during his shift, tell him to keep it in his car and read one before he goes to work or during his break.

Buy What He Buys


Want an easy Valentine’s gift idea? Pay attention to what he looks at in a store or what he buys himself. My husband will randomly come home, usually from the Salvation Army or K-Mart, with a new hoodie, a shirt, or basketball shorts. I never think of buying him any of those things since he seems to be fine picking them out for himself. But they are obviously the items he likes to have, so it makes sense for me to choose some for him as a gift.

Does your boyfriend or husband have anything similar you can buy for him?

Make Something Sentimental


If you aren’t married and/or don’t have children, take advantage of the downtime you have. I used to love making my husband sentimental gifts that would remind us of memories from the eight years we spent together as teens and young adults before marriage. But now I just don’t have as much time. But if you do, use it to reminisce.

You could incorporate photos into a gift by decorating a frame, making a collage, or buying gifts from a store or website that will make your photos into gifts. You could write a poem or song about your love, make a giant card out of a folded poster, or send him on a scavenger hunt of memories. You can’t go wrong when you choose to relive your memories.

Cook His Favorite Meal


I’ve learned that the way to a man’s heart is through food. So, cooking his favorite meal will lead you right to his heart and make him happy. It will be especially meaningful if his favorite meal is a little complicated to make like my husband’s favorite meal is. He will see the time and effort you put into it, and it will mean a lot to him (even if he doesn’t say it with his words).

Buy His Favorite Food


If you don’t want to cook anything, you can just buy some of his favorite food and wrap it up. I know this sounds cheesy, but depending on the food, it could be amazing! Choose foods you don’t normally buy to make the gift extra special. For example, my husband loves bacon, anything chocolate related, cereal, and Diet Coke, but we rarely buy them for the house because we want to stay healthy. I’m sure he’d love it though if I gifted him any of those items.

Do Something He likes


I’ve personally noticed that my husband enjoys teaching me what he knows (like exercise) and spending time with him doing his hobbies. Spend some quality time with your man and ask him what activity he’d like to do together. Sometimes just playing his favorite video game with him could be exactly the fun he wants.

Host A Surprise Bro Party


This idea is actual advice my husband gave me for this blog post. Give your man a small get together with all his closest friends, provide some snacks or order out, and give them some space. You’d essentially be giving your loved one a fun time out without him having to plan anything. You’ll be giving him the gift of friends and convenience. Perhaps some quality time with his friends is needed more than you realize.

Buy Tickets Somewhere


This last option probably won’t be as budget-friendly as the others, but it could still be worth considering. You can buy tickets to a concert, a special event, or even a weekend getaway somewhere. The point of this gift is to buy tickets to something you both will enjoy. Everyone likes to have fun, even the “man who says he doesn’t want anything.”


Hopefully, you’ve found some Valentine’s gift ideas for your boyfriend or husband in this post. It honestly can be stressful to repeatedly think of gifts for your man when he says he doesn’t want anything. I hope that by trying one of these gift ideas, that Valentine’s day will be a fun and not stressful time in your home!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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