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10 Classic Thank You Card Photo Ideas That Everyone Loves

Your wedding thank you cards are the final impression guests will have of your wedding. The big day has come and gone, and now it is time to thank your guests for their generosity and settle into married life. Thank you cards come in endless designs, but adding photos to yours will make a lasting impact and make guests feel thankful you took the time to customize the cards. Below are some fun photo ideas that are sure to make your guests smile, and give a fun and creative twist to things!

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1. Sand or Snow

Writing out “Thank You,” drawing a heart, or making hand prints together in the sand will make a unique photo for your thank you cards. This works best if you had a beach or destination wedding since it keeps with the theme. You could also take the photo on your honeymoon if you’re going to a tropical destination. If you’re having a winter wedding, writing your message in snow would have the same effect and will warm your guest’s heart as they read your thanks!

2. Props

Writing your “thank you” message on a whimsical prop like a parasol, a book, or Scrabble tiles will show guests your fun side. Be sure to choose a prop that fits your personality as a couple and your wedding theme to really tie your whole wedding together from beginning to end.

3. Signs

This is a more classic approach to thank you card photos. Together with your partner, hold a pretty “thank you” message while you kiss or gaze off into the sunset. You could also be out of focus in the background of the photo with your sign in focus in the foreground. The sign can be large or small, one big thing or two pieces, and different shapes and materials. Get creative and see where your theme will take you!

4. Bridal Party

Get your bridal party involved! You couldn’t have pulled off your wedding without them, so why not include your bridesmaids and groomsmen every step of the way? Give members of the party letters to spell out “thank you” and get the whole gang into a nice or silly pose. This works especially well for couples who are super social and loved sharing their special day with friends.

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5. Chalkboards

Writing your “thank you” message on a chalkboard is a fun idea for teachers, artists, or other creative people. Take one photo or get multiple shots with different messages on the chalkboard. Chalkboards are pretty cheap to buy at craft stores, or you could cut a fun shape out of wood or plastic and cover it in chalkboard paint for a truly unique shot.

6. Banners

Using a “thank you” banner in the photo for your thank you cards looks simple and pretty. You can either create your own banner if you’re crafty or get one from Etsy, or a craft store for that matter. Hold the banner between you and your partner for a pose facing the camera, or have kids or your maid of honor and best man hold it in front of you while you kiss. Choose classic black and white, or your wedding colors to tie the photo in with the big day.

7. Shoes

This photo idea is pretty versatile since you can utilize your shoes, your partner’s shoes, or both. Write “thank you,” “just married,” or “Mr. and Mrs.” on the bottom of shoes and reveal the secret message when your partner is carrying you. You could also achieve this picture when you are kneeling if you have a religious ceremony or at the end of the night when you are carrying your shoes. Guests will love your creativity!

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8. Sparklers

Writing a message or even drawing hearts with sparklers make for a unique and fun photo for your thank you cards. You could even have your guests pitch in to get the entire “thank you” message into one shot. These nighttime photos will remind guests of the end of an unforgettable night, your wedding!

9. Frame

Framing you and your new spouse really makes you the focus of the photo. Whether you’re doing a goofy pose or a romantic kiss, guests will love a shot of you two enjoying your first day of marriage. You could hold or hang a “thank you” sign or banner if you didn’t want to print it on the cards. You could also make your own frame or use an antique door for a photo booth.

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10. Collage

If you forgot or just don’t want to take a special “thank you” photo, create a collage of your favorite wedding pictures to put on the thank you cards. Be sure to use some classic, memorable snaps like cake-cutting, dancing, and your grand exit. Guests will love seeing your smiling face as a reminder of all the fun they had at your wedding.


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