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The 10 Different Girls( And Their Clothes) That You Meet On A Night Out

So…which are you?

Are you and your squad ready to have an amazing night? I’m talking “the drinks are flowing, boys are flirting, and dancing isn’t optional,” kind of night.

Today I was doing a little research and realized that there are only ten ways that women dress and act when they step into a bar, club, or restaurant on a Friday night. So which one are you? And more importantly, which one can you roast your friends for being?

1. Chic( Or Business Professional)


You know that friend who always looks like she came straight from a job interview? Or, to give you more insight, that girl at the bar who is always rocking a blazer. These are women who like to wear a cute blazer, a t-shirt, jeans, and heels every time they go out. This is great if you are going to a nicer bar or dinner, but it also might make your friends tease you for being a try-hard. But you don’t care because blazers never go out of style, and you know what else doesn’t? Alcohol.

2. Sexy( Or Slutty Depending On The Person)


We all have those friends who show up to our doors ready to go out looking like Pretty Woman. These might be people who wear the deep v-neck shirts, short-shorts, leather pants, and definitely glitter something. Oh, and I forgot about the cheetah print. These ladies love to wear things that are a little more form-fitting to showcase their gorgeous bodies, and they don’t apologize for their less than modest wardrobe choices. But, hey, we all blow off steam in different ways. My sexy ladies might just blow off steam by wearing see-through tops and bralettes to the bar.

3. The Boho Babe

Now, this is not to be confused with The Hipster, who we will be visiting later. The Boho Babe looks like she just rolled right out of a Free People or Made Well catalog. They most likely wear maxi dresses,  open back shirts, flowy tops, obnoxiously long cardigans or wraps, and harem pants. They may or may not have come from picking wildflowers in a field; we’ll never know.


4. The Prepster

This is the friend that you have to remind not to wear her statement necklace to the bar. And no, that Lily Pulitzer shirt doesn’t work either. This is your friend that probably has her life mostly together, just like the preppy outfits she wears most days. You will most likely spot her wearing woven shirts, pearls, sweaters over wovens, glasses, polka dots, winter vests, and a lot of gingham. Not to mention if you forget her name, all her clothing is perfectly monogrammed. night

5. Glamorous

This is your friend who goes out to your hometown bar looking like she’s going to the Grammy’s. She is always trendy, always over-the-top, and always looking fabulous. They may be the girls in the club wearing a dress from Nordstroms, a cocktail dress, or anything tailored. So what they’re overdressed? At least they’re always memorable.


6. The Hipster

These friends might be found sipping Kahlua in the corner and complaining how the music isn’t on “vinyl.” You know who you are hipsters, and you are as proud of that as you are of making your own kombucha. These ladies like to rock over-sized slouchy shirts and jeans, overalls, long cardigans, maybe a crop top, and their favorite weathered t-shirt flannel combination. Though they always complain about the beer not being “craft,” you still love them.


7. The Slob

This is your friend, or friends, or you from time to time, that doesn’t give a crap about their appearance, even when they’re going to meet boys with potential. They tend to wear limited makeup, throw their hair in messy buns, wear oversized crew necks, and leggings without thongs. These people have had a rough week, so all they want is some quality time with their friends and lots of liquor. This can also cross over into sports wear.  I know that Fabletics is cute, but you can’t wear it to the bar. Even Kate Hudson wouldn’t want that.


8. Girl Next Door

This is the girl that we all want to be and all the guys want. She doesn’t blink when she buys everyone a round of shots, but can still hold her liquor. She’ll be spotted wearing long cardigans, patterned shirts, and plenty of plaid. Her clothes are typical and trendy, but not anything crazy because she likes to be low-key. Because of this, she is probably a low-maintenance friend who doesn’t understand why you stalk guys you meet once on the internet. She doesn’t have to.


9. Exotic

This is the girl that everyone stops and stares at when she walks into a bar or club. She is beautiful, confident, and wearing the latest style. She doesn’t wait for a style to happen, she makes it happen. Bright colors, amazing textures, and eye-catching jewelry are just some of the ways you’ll be able to identify her.  You want to be her, but you’re terrified of the fashion risks she has to take. This is your friend that you might be secretly jealous of but still love to death.


10. The Girly Girl

This is your friend who is obsessed with all things pink, sparkly, and binge watches Gossip Girl in her free time. She is in one word cute, and her bubbly personality always makes you smile. You’ll normally spot her in pastels, blush pink, high-waisted skirts, sundresses, cold-shoulder shirts, and most definitely something peplumed. She might laugh a little too loud once she’s had a couple of drinks and put lip gloss on your face, but you love her anyway.


So which girl are you? Let us know in the comments below! And share this post with your squad on Facebook!


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