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7 Halloween Costumes Perfect For Your Pet

Who says your pet can’t pretend to be something else?

Need something to brighten up this dreary Tuesday? You’re in luck; we are talking about Halloween costumes that are perfect for pets in today’s article1 You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to dress your pet in their Halloween best!

A Fluffy Beanie Baby 

Does your dog or cat already look like one of these adorable stuffed animals? This costume is super easy to make, and won’t cause your pet any pain or irritation.

halloween costumes pets

A Giraffe

There is always something comical and extra cute about dressing a smaller animal up as a bigger one. This costume is no exception.

halloween pet costumes

Bat Man Cat/Dog

Turn your favorite pet into everyone’s favorite crime fighter. This is perfect if you are trying to dress the whole family up in a superhero theme. However, don’t be surprised if your pet is not as thrilled by the mask and cape that complete the outfit.

halloween pet costumes

Harry Potter

Who says that pets can’t have magical powers? All you need for this fun costume is a cape, a tie, and some fake glasses. Just make sure that they don’t try to curse the cat.

halloween pet costumes

Cat In The Hat

Want to be witty and fun? Then dress your cat up like the cat in the hat. This beloved Dr. Suess book is sure to be recognized by all. And make for some fun conversation starters.

halloween pet costumes

Bat Cat

Who says that black cats are only bad luck? Turn your sweet black cat into a bat this Halloween. All you need are some black attachable wings, and some white teeth if you want the full effect. Just make sure that you make the wings secure, so they don’t fall off quickly.

halloween pet costumes


If you don’t want to go to all the trouble to dress up your pet, a hat could be a great option. And let’s face it, your favorite pooch is going to wiggle out of their cute costume soon enough. These hat ideas won’t break your budget and are sure to delight trick or treaters this Halloween.

halloween pet costumes

halloween pet costumes

halloween pet costumes

We do so much for our pets, and sometimes they can do a little something for us. And sometimes that means dressing up in costumes for Halloween. However you decide to dress your favorite pooch this Halloween, I hope you have lots of fun and take plenty of photos!


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