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10 Halloween Costumes Perfect For You And Your Man

Be the cutest couple at any party!

Halloween is just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing. Costumes! It can be so much fun going to a Halloween costume party coordinating outfits with your favorite guy. If you and your man are the Queen and King of all things Halloween, you might want to take a look at some of these costume ideas.


1. Dalmatian & Firefighter

This adorable costume features you as a cute pooch and him as the firefighter that has to save you from a tree. Or a bad Halloween party.


2. Wendy & Peter Pan

This costume proves that your love will never fade, or grow up. So why not take a trip to Neverland this Halloween?


3. Ash Katum & Pikachu

He can probably relate to having to “catch” you at the start of the relationship.


4. Mickey & Minnie Mouse

This classic Disney costume is a crowd favorite. Plus, so easy to replicate.


5. Hunter & Deer

In this costume, you dress up as an adorable deer that your hunter boyfriend catches. The different photos you can create with this costume mashup is endless.


6. Wendy Peffercorn & Squints ( Sandlot)

Hopefully, you’ll boyfriend will be the one saving you if any real danger breaks out.


7. JFK & Jackie Kennedy

Why not spend the night being one of the most iconic couples in history?


8. Steve & Blue( from Blues Clues)

You got mail! And an adorable Halloween costume. Just don’t forget Steve’s handy, dandy notebook.


9. Burt & Mary Poppins

Pick a costume that will sweep people off their feet. Let’s hope your chimney sweep has swept you off yours.


10. Danny & Sandy( Grease)

Is he the one that you want?

Which costume is your favorite??

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