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10 Popular Girl’s Names For 2018 (AND 10 You’d Never Think Of)

Picking the name of your baby can be a very challenging project. After all, this is what they will be called for the rest of their lives. But, no pressure. Everyone has different processes for going through how they pick out baby names. Some like to read books, some like to make a list, and some like to just come up with a name when they finally lay eyes on their child. If you are trying to think about names for your baby girl, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s article, we will be discussing some of the most popular names currently for baby girls, and some unique names that you may not have considered.

Most Popular Names:


baby girl names

The name Olivia is popular all around the world and originated during the time of Shakespeare. This adorable name is very easy to say and spell. The meaning of this name is olive.


baby girl names

This name originated in Germany and means whole or universal. So, if you are looking for a baby name that stands the test of time, you may want to take a closer look at Emma.


baby girl  names

Have you wanted to have a child for a long time? Then, the name Mia might be the perfect thing to call your baby girl. Meaning mine or wished for child, this Latin-derived name will remind you that this child is a gift and entirely yours.


baby girl names

This trendy name is perfect for any 2018 born baby girl. The name means to play the harp or someone who plays the harp. So, if you want to have a future musician in your family, this may be the name for you!


baby girl names

This girl’s name has been popular since the dawn of time it seems. It has been the name of queens, royalty, and many famous people. A great thing about this name choice is that many nicknames can come out of this name. For example, Izzy, Bella, Belle, etc. From a Hebrew word, this name means devoted to God.


baby girl  names

Meaning striving and industrious, this popular baby girl’s name originates from Latin. Talk about a name that is going to ensure that you have a passionate and hardworking daughter.


baby girl names

This name is derived from Ariel, meaning lion of God. Aria in Italian means air and is normally referred to in singing. An aria is usually a solo in an opera. If you have musical genes in your family or love music, Aria could be a great name for your child.


baby girl names

This is another name that has truly stood the test of time. Meaning father’s joy, this name comes from the Hebrew language. The first appearance of this name is King David’s third wife in the Bible. If your husband is all for her being his little girl, this name may be fitting.


baby girl names

Love the Eric Clapton song? Even if you don’t, this girl’s name has taken the world by storm in the last couple of years. Layla has many meanings from intoxication, night, to dark beauty.


baby girl names

The meaning of this girl’s name is from the Latin word avis, or bird. However, many think that it also derives from the Hebrew word Chava which means life or living one.

Unusual Names:

If you and your family are less traditional folks, you may want a name that shows your originality. Here are some overlooked baby girl names that you may want to consider.


baby girl names

Popular in Welsh and English countries, this unique name means fair and blessed. Talk about a great title to give your daughter when she first comes out of the womb.


baby girl names

This English surname is the perfect solution if you like names like Emma, Emily, or Aubrey, but you want to be little different. The meaning is a flat-topped hill, so we think you should go for how it sounds, not so much what it means.


baby girl names

Meaning cheerful, this delightful baby name is perfect if you are hoping to have a well-behaved baby. This name comes from England and was originally a male name before it was adapted in the 1700s.


baby girl names

If you want a royal name that is a little unconventional, Kinsley may be perfect for your family. Meaning King’s field or King’s place, this name originated in England.


baby girl names

Normally thought of as a fabric popular in the 1970s, this girl’s name actually means church. This name has been climbing up the baby name charts in recent years and could be a fun and feminine name for your child.


baby girl names

This Celtic name means maiden or girl; seems fitting right? Many believe that Imogen actually originated from the name Innogen. Innogen is the name of a legendary British queen.


baby girl names

Want your baby girl to feel like a goddess? Then the name Thea should be given to her. This Greek name literally means goddess or godly. Thea was a mythological character who was the mother of the sun, dawn, and moon.


baby girl names

This English baby name is typically considered to be unisex. Its most common meaning is aspen tree.


baby girl names

Not the salad. However, this Greek name does mean the food of the gods. If you love to eat, this name may be perfect for your family!


baby girl names

This baby name first became popular when Jessica Alba gave this to her daughter. Meaning to be held in high esteem, this is a great name for a baby that will take priority in your life. Not to mention, it is easy to say and spell.

As you can see, there are so many great baby girl names out there. Have fun exploring the different meanings and sounds with your spouse. I hope that when you see your baby girl for the first time,  the name you picked fits her perfectly!

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