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10 Questions To Ask Before Taking Your Relationship To The Next Level

Is he the one?

You’ve been dating this guy for awhile now, but you find yourself wondering, do I want to make things more serious? Could this guy have the potential to be my husband? Most relationships don’t come right out and give you tell-tale signs that they will survive the long-haul. So what should you be asking yourself to see if he is the one you’ll marry? Or just introduce to mom and dad?

1. Does He Have Ambition?

Now that doesn’t mean that he has a job that is raking in cash right now, but he is constantly striving to better himself and his job situation. He has a plan and is working to further his career. Whatever he does, not only just in his job, he puts effort and hard work into. Now, you want to make sure that his career or job isn’t something he will care about more than you or your future family, but, you do want to make sure that anyone you choose to get serious with can support you. Also, who wants a man who is just happy eating junk food and playing video games every day? Not me.

2. Would You Want Him To Meet Your Family?

Could you see yourself introducing him to grandma, or does the thought of that make you cringe? If you aren’t confident enough in him to proudly display him to your loved ones, you have a problem.

3. Are There Any Major Red Flags?

Now, everyone has red flags that are different or would upset them more than others. I would strongly encourage anyone who is dating or not yet dating to consider what their deal breakers would be for any relationship. But, if some of the things he does or has done in the past are upsetting enough that they are on your deal breaker list, tread carefully. Be sure that you recognize the difference between something he might have done in the past, and an upsetting mistake he is continually making right now.

4. Does He Talk About Your Future Together?

Or is he afraid to even bring up the m-word? This depends on how long you’ve been in a relationship, but any man that is serious about you won’t be afraid to talk to you about where he sees your relationship going. In fact, he’ll randomly slip it into conversations like, “I wouldn’t want that at our wedding,” or “ Next year I’d love us to vacation to the beach.”

5. Does He Get Along With Your Friends?

Your friends are some of the people that know you best, and can honestly tell you what they think of your boyfriend. If you have some friends that have some concerns about your significant other, instead of immediately dismissing their opinions, you might want to think about what they said. Sometimes we can be blinded by someone we are infatuated with, and we need our friends or loved ones to snap us back into reality.

6. Do You Agree On Big Issues?

 For example, do you share the same religious beliefs, feelings towards hard political matters, or just on how you want to raise a family. Though some of these issues might not seem like a big thing to disagree on, they can become a problem later on in your relationship and when you look to start a family.

7. How Does He Treat You?

Does he treat you well? Does he treat you like a queen? Either way, are you overall satisfied with the way your relationship is going? Because if you aren’t ok with the way he acts around you, treats you when you are alone, or the way he presents himself in public, you need to consider why that is. 

8. Does He Respect You?

Once again, this could mean multiple things to multiple people. For example, does he respect the physical boundaries you might have set early on in the relationship, does he talk about you like you are his property in front of his friends, does he respect your opinion even if it disagrees with your own? If not, it might be time to get out. No one has time for a man that doesn’t respect you the way you deserve.

9. How Is His Relationship With Money?

Is he a big spender or a penny pincher? What are you? These money differences can add up in the long run. It might irritate you if you like to spend more money and he has a hard time buying the real brand at the grocery store. Or vice versa. Make sure that you have honest discussions about money, and the ways you both like to spend it.

10. How Does He Treat His Mom?

Does he treat his mother kindly? Does he take the time to call her each week? Because, the way a man treats his mom, is a direct correlation of how he is going to treat you some day. So if he treats his mother like a nuisance, you might become that to him once he is married. If he treats his mother like a prize, then you are in for a great marriage. Just consider how he treats not only his mother, but his sisters, aunts, and other women around him. A real gentleman should treat all women with respect and honor.

I hope that these questions helped get your brain thinking about if you should take your relationship to a more serious level. It’s important to remember that no one is perfect, but that also doesn’t mean you have to settle for less than. Be wise as you assess these questions, and ask yourself, would I want to wake up beside this man every morning?



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