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10 Summer Date Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to pull out that pretty red dress or your casual white button up and paint the town red with your date. If you’re like most couples, then dating can get expensive. Well, it doesn’t have to be. Here are ten super fun date ideas that just happen to be cheap date ideas as well!


summer date ideas

Take your lover boy on a picnic. It doesn’t get any cuter than that! This timeless summer date idea won’t break the bank, especially since you can pop into any dollar store and grab a picnic basket and red checkered plastic tablecloth for practically next to nothing. However, take it from me, you might want to invest in a threaded red checkered blanket because this cheap date idea is one you can certainly take him on more than once. 

What’s even better is you can pack a hearty meal and not break the bank. Some great meal choices are homemade sandwiches, salads, and bottled drinks. Try to stay away from any meals that require extensive prep and heating. More importantly, stay away from any meals that might be too messy. And of course, avoid anything with garlic. Your date will thank you. Be sure to keep this cute date idea on your list this summer.


summer date ideas

During the hot summer months, what better way to cool down than taking your date on a swim? This cheap date idea will give you a chance to be with your loved one all while relaxing and soaking in some rays.  If you’re like me and live in an area where there are lots of swimming holes and lakes, then take advantage. Swimming in nature’s beauty not only is a unique date idea, but your wallet will thank you. 

Not only that, this cheap romantic date idea is perfect because if you find the right swimming hole or lake, then chances are you’ve got the luxury of privacy at your hand. If swimming outdoors is not an option for you, then there is nothing wrong with your local swimming pool. You can have just as much fun, outdoors or not. Be sure to fit this unique date idea in your schedule this summer.


summer date ideas

This next fun date idea may not seem like it’s for everyone at first, but that’s what makes it a unique date idea. Whether you can fish or not is beside the point. All you need is some fishing gear and a lake. The whole point of this cheap romantic date idea is to emphasize the romantic part. Fishing, in general, requires a lot of time and patience. What better way to fill that time than to take your significant other on this date. While you are waiting for fish to dig into your bate, you can dig into each other’s lives and connect without distraction. And hey, if you happen actually to catch a fish, then bonus points for you. Your manliness and resourcefulness are certain to wow her even if your summer date idea didn’t.

Go For A Drive

summer date ideas

This next cheap romantic date idea is the perfect one if you are looking for a way to connect with your date. For this unique date idea, you’re going to need to do some planning. Pick a location that is relatively near you to visit, and plan a road trip. The emphasis of this fun idea is the road trip part, so try and stick to a location that is at least an hour away, but not more than two. The location you drive to does not have to be a momentous location. It can be as simple as a pretty view, or an exploration of the next city over. During your road trip, be sure to pack plenty of snacks and bottled drinks. Try keeping your snacks to a minimum. In doing so, it gives you even more of a reason to pull over for an impromptu lunch – another cute date idea.  

Outdoor Restaurants

summer date ideas

With the hot summer nights and the cities and towns that stay awake longer than usual, this next date is the perfect summer date idea. You’re going to need to do some research on this one. Find a local restaurant that has an outdoor patio. Stay away from restaurants that require reservations or are too loud and crowded. Aim for lowkey mom and pop shops that stay open late. The more intimate the location, the cuter the date.


summer date ideas

This next summer date idea is not only a cute date idea for couples but cliche in the most romantic of ways. All you really need is a blanket or two and the night sky. To pull off this cute date idea, you do need to do some research beforehand. Pick a night where the sky is sure to be cloudless and clear. For even better results, be sure to pick a night where there’s no moon. The darker it is, the better the night sky will be. If you’re lucky enough, you might even catch a shooting star or two. 

To make this summer date idea even cozier, consider bringing along a thermos of hot chocolate. There’s nothing more romantic than sitting underneath the night sky and contemplating life with your significant other. Be sure not to leave out this cute date idea the next time you go out with your loved one.

Drive Through Movie Theatre

summer date ideas

If you’re lucky enough to find a drive-through movie theater in your town, then be sure to take advantage of it. This next fun date idea is perfect because it’s a great outing if you are looking for a cheap romantic date idea. Most drive through theaters are usually just as much, if not cheaper, than regular movie theaters. Better yet, you don’t have to buy snacks and drinks when you can bring your own. If you’re looking for an outing that doesn’t break the bank, then this cute date idea is for you.


summer date ideas

Visiting a museum is so underrated. For a cheap date idea that is cute, fun, and romantic, consider hitting up your local museums on your next outing. The wonderful thing about museums is that they usually are free or super cheap. If there is a cost, chances are you can score a discount if you are a student or an employee of the state. There’s nothing more impressive than showing off your smarts. Plus, walking around and learning something new with your significant other by your side is memories in the making. Be sure to take advantage of this fun date idea.

The Fair

summer date ideas

Every town has one, and it happens every year. The next time the fair comes around be sure to take advantage of the endless summer date ideas the fair brings along with it. From recreating the scenes in the film The Notebook to relentlessly trying to beat the carnival games, the fair has something in it for everyone. Although going to the fair can become a bit pricey, you can still manage to make the fair a cheap date idea. Look to go on days that have discounted rates. Many fairs offer armband days where you can ride all the rides for a flat fee. If you know rides will be a top priority, then look for going on those days. To avoid the often overpriced concessions, consider going out for a light dinner before the fair. That way, you won’t be tempted to splurge on an overpriced, overcooked hot dog.

Go For A Hike

summer date ideas

When the temperatures rise, and it’s too stuffy to stay indoors, take advantage of the ultimate cheap romantic date idea. Strap on your shoes and get ready to go on a hike. Your hike doesn’t have to be strenuous. Look up your local forests and find out what your local hiking trails look like. If you live near the coastlines, a stroll on the beach can take the place of your hike. This cheap date idea is perfect if you are looking to save a little cash because in many states hiking national forests have entry rates that range from free to practically free. 

Along with this, many national parks have days either weekly, monthly, or annually where entrance fees are waived. While on your hike be sure to pack a backpack filled with water bottles, nuts, and protein bars to keep you fueled. There’s something sweet about walking through the wilderness with your significant other. Be sure to include this unique date idea on your list the next time you want to take your significant other on an outing.

Final Thoughts

There’s no reason why a cheap date can’t be a fun date as well. The next time you’re looking for something fun to do with your date, be sure to try out some of these fun and cheap date ideas!

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