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10 Things a Smart Bride Won’t Do the Week Before Her Wedding

You have made it.

It is finally the week before your special day. Only a few more days until all of the stress (of wedding planning at least) is over. Only a few more days as a single lady. And only a few more days until you can finally say that your honey is your husband.

Congratulations bride to be. You have done it! You are almost at the finish line.

But hold on, hotshot. There are definitely a few things that you need to think about before you go and do anything stupid this week. While yes, it is a week to finish up last minute arrangements, celebrate with your girlfriends, cry with your mother because you will miss her, and enjoy kissing your fiance as much as you possibly can, it is also a week to not do anything stupid and do something you will regret. So before you go crazy, read through these suggestions of things that you definitely should not do the week before your wedding.

1. Do not go tanning.

Whether it be in the spa or outside in your backyard. The majority of your tanning should have been done long before just the week of your wedding. Unless you have things to prepare outside or work on outside (which if this is the case, do yourself a favor and wear some type of sunscreen protection), you should not be laying out for hours on end. Just imagine a bad sunburn in your wedding photos. Or even worse, peeling!

2. Do not go on a cleanse or last minute crash diet.

Is it okay to eat healthy? Of course! But do not starve yourself, binge eat, or go on a juice cleansing diet just days before you say I do. You have no idea how this will affect your health, and the last thing you want to do is pass out on your special day because you have not been eating anything. You should already have the final product of your dress and not need to worry about alterations, so why fret over losing more weight?

3. Do not make any changes to your wedding planning.


At least big changes that is. It is completely normal for a bride to second guess herself the entire week and want to change plans super fast. But to save your own sanity, and the sanity of your fiance and family, do not go and start changing the venue or the catering. If  you want to make minor adjustments on the bridesmaid’s accessories or where the programs will be sitting, that is fine. But use good judgement.

4. Do not color, trim, or cut your hair.

Believe me. The last thing you want is an awful haircut or a hair coloring gone bad. Wait until you get back from your honeymoon to do anything with your hair. You will look beautiful on your wedding day, so if you are worrying about whether or not you will make jaws drop because of your hair or not, trust me. Jaws will be dropping!

5. Do not go crazy on the alcohol.

A sip of wine here and there never hurt anybody. But morning hangovers and drunk nights definitely can hurt somebody. The last thing you want to do is make a stupid mistake or decision a week before you get married. So do yourself a favor and go easy on the alcohol.

6. Do not do anything that could result in serious injury.

So no skydiving. Oh, and no rough backyard football with the younger brothers. So basically anything that is avoidable and dangerous, do not do it.

7. Do not second guess a good night’s sleep.

You need all the sleep that you can get! The more sleep you receive, the better. So do not pull an all nighter every night with your girlfriends and do not get up super early every morning. The last thing your groom wants on the wedding day is a zombie bride.

8. Do not go overboard with the caffeine.

Caffeine is a great thing for keeping people awake, and many times, for getting the energy they need to get through the day as well. But too much caffeine can make you feel bloated or even more miserable than what you were to begin with in the first place. So be careful with the coffees, monster energy drinks, and soda.

9. Do not forget to break in your wedding day shoes.

At some point during the week, make sure you wear your wedding shoes for a little bit around the house to break them in. Do not feel the need to wear them everywhere because you do not want to dirty them up too much before the big day! But just a little wear is perfect.

10. Do not freak out over the little things.

Of course you are going to get stressed out! It is going to happen. But save yourself the trouble and hassle of worrying about anything and everything. Let the little things go and be okay. And remind yourself that you are that much closer to marrying the soulmate of your dreams!

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