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10 Things All Dog-Owners Should Have on Their Registry

Do you and your fiancé share a special loved one together? Loved on being a dog? If your answer is yes, then here are some must-haves to put on your wedding registry to make your little guy happy!

1. Ultra-Comfy Dog Bed

Get your pup a comfy dog bed to lay on in his new home from Orvis. This dog bed is perfect for lounging and taking puppy naps in, it will also match almost any type of furniture too!

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2. Dog Vacuum

Get this amazing pet-grooming vacuum attachment made by Dyson for your dog! It attaches onto your vacuum to make pet grooming easy with minimal clean up! Keep you beloved put looking on point with this convenient tool.

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3. Dog Food Storage

This space saving dog food storage set will make mealtimes with your pet so much simpler! Not only can you store dog food there, but you can keep anything that is for your dog there too, so as leashes, toys, and treats! What are you waiting for? Put this revolutionary storage container on your registry!

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4. High-Quality Dog Crate

Having a high-quality dog crate is a great thing to have for when you take you little guy to doctors appointments or on trips. Get this foldable, yet sturdy, dog crate for your at home, or away from home, usage.

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5. Car Seat Protector

If your beloved pet is one that likes to ride in the back seat with their head hanging out the window, consider putting this car seat protector on your gift registry. This cover prevents your pup from clawing up the dog seats and from shedding all over your car.

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6. Doggy Fitness Tracker

Ever wonder what your dog does all day? With this fitness tracker, you will be able to see your pet’s activity throughout the day. It attaches to your dog’s collar and can give you an insight if they are healthy or may need more exercise. This will change the way you look at your dogs activity!

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7. Cool Water Fountain

This way to hydrate your pet doubles as a toy! To make the water fountain work, you pet simply has to press on a pedal and out shoots water. Have fun watching your dog do this, and maybe give it a shot yourself, for endless hours of entertainment and hydration.

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8. Door Protector

This scratch-protector that you can put on your door is great if you have inside and outside pets. This awesome invention prevents your door from looking absolutely mangled as a result of your dog wanting to get your attention to come inside. Your door will thank you later.

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9. Dog Gate

Investing in a gate that looks nice for your home is a smart idea.  It’ll make your home from looking trashy to looking classy. Keep your dog out in style with a gorgeous gate that will last a lifetime.

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10. Pet Chatz

See what your puppy dog is up to from work or vacation by getting the Petchatz unit! Not only can you see your pet whenever you want but you can also give them treats and comfort them with scents. This is a high tech way of having a long distance relationship with your pet while your at work and they are at home.

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Make sure that you add some of these amazing things for your dog as you are creating your wedding registry! Your little guy will appreciate it and it will make you home look better in the long run.

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