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10 Ways to Add Burlap to Your Wedding Decor

Burlap is the wedding trend that is taking the world by storm. It fits in with any wedding, from a backyard BBQ wedding to a chic one, burlap finds a place in every bride’s heart. If you are looking for fun ways to include burlap in your wedding decor, look no further! Here are ten awesome ways to add burlap to your wedding decor.

1. Table Runner

A burlap table runner is a nice touch to add to your reception tables if you are itching to place burlap in your wedding. They add a nice, rustic touch that contrast well with a white table cloth. This is an easy way to add burlap to any wedding because of how easy it is to cut and place burlap on a table. Adding lace to the middle of the runner will be a girly touch that will make the burlap look more sophisticated.

2. Chair Ties

Chair ties are a cute decoration that often go unnoticed when wedding planning.  Not like anyone will steal your seat without them, but they are a cute detail that can be fairly easy to execute. Adding burlap to your chair ties is a subtle touch to your wedding decor that will contribute to adorable photos and compliments from the guests.

3. Aisle Runner

If you are looking to add burlap in your wedding in a big way, having a burlap aisle runner is the option for you. Your aisle runner doesn’t have to be boring by just having plain burlap line the aisle, but you can customize burlap in a variety of ways which will perfectly match the feel of your wedding. Adding lace, a monogram, flower petals, and other details to a burlap aisle runner will make it one of a kind and a beautiful addition to your wedding day,

4. Banners

n need of some fun signs to help guide your guests on your wedding day? Have no idea what you want them to look like? Burlap is the perfect material to use to make banners on your big day. Whether the banner is directing them to cocktail hour, on a card box, or a mr. and mrs. sign at the ceremony,  the banner will look top of the line when using burlap material.

5. Silverware Storage

This creative way of incorporating burlap on your wedding day will solve two problems: 1. Your silverware will be tucked and stored away in these nifty holders, and 2. Your thirst for burlap will be quenched. Storing your silverware in fashion is always a crowd pleaser because it shows that you took time to make sure that your guests were taken care of and you had them in mind while wedding planning. Gracing your ceremony tables with this burlap silverware holder will not go unnoticed and will guarantee that all of your guests get the silverware they need to be able to slice into that delicious wedding cake.

6. Candle Holders

Candles are a popular centerpiece to have on tables during a reception. Make the candle holders look extra spiffy by lining them with burlap. When decoration your candle holders with burlap, you can do it in a variety of fashions that will perfectly suit your wedding. You can only line the bottom with burlap, cover the whole candle holder with burlap, or even cut out a design in burlap and put it on the holder. Let your creative juices flow when decorating your centerpieces with this fun material.

7. Menus

Who ever thought that menus could make a fashion statement? Well certainly not your guests until they see that you somehow made a dinner menu look absolutely gorgeous. Lining your menu with a burlap material will give it an extra oomph. This is an easy way to incorporate burlap on your wedding day that will make you look like the bride of the century that remembers to take care of every single detail of her wedding.

8. Seating Chart

Seating charts are one of the most important things to have at a wedding that get a lot of guest traffic. Incorporate burlap on your seating chart to usher guests to their seats in style. By simply having a burlap background or burlap seating cards, your guests will be both informed and impressed when receiving their seating assignment.





9. Boutonnière and Bouquet

This is a great way to include burlap in the wedding ceremony. When having your boutonnières and bouquet made, make sure to request that the florist, or whoever you hired, include burlap in the binding of details of the arrangements. This look is extremely sharp and adds a rustic chic touch to the ceremony.

10. Archway

Probably the ultimate way to include burlap on your wedding day is by decorating your ceremony arch with it! By folding the material and decorating it with flowers or lights, your archway will take your guests’ breath away. This creative part of your wedding will look great and make for amazing photographs that you will look back on and reminisce on how happy you were that you used burlap on your wedding day in a big way.







Burlap is an awesome material that can fit into any theme and any color scheme. Because of its versatility, it is becoming a top trend in the wedding world that brides everywhere want to have in their wedding. There is no questioning why burlap has become so popular, it is the perfect addition to any wedding because of how rustic, chic, and trendy it can make anyone’s wedding day.

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