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Popping the Question: 10 Ways To Know You Are Ready to Propose

Often times we dream about our future, think of all the things that could be, think of all the wants and dreams we have. Now image that life with your partner in crime? Are you ready for them to propose? Do they fit the profile? Here are ten ways to know that popping the big question is right for you!


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Solid Feelings

There are no questions about how you feel for each other. They have the same feelings for you as you have for them. They hold you in the same level of respect as you hold them.

Matching Values

Values are your traditions and beliefs and how you were raised.  Today’s society we find many different religions, traditions, and we find many different values all around, finding that one person that shares all the same or most of the same values, is special.

The First Thought

They are your first thought about anything and everything. Something good happens? You call them. Something sad happens? You confide in them. They are the first person you want to see in the morning and last person you want to see at night.

You’ve Talked About Marriage

Marriage isn’t just fun and games. It’s a serious sport. You have the fun moments and the sad moments. You’ve got the frustrating moments and the angry moments. If you can’t image these moments with anyone else, they are the one!



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You’ve talked about the root of all evil; The thing that makes the world go ’round. And not just talked about if you have money or not, you’ve talked about any debt you may have, any withstanding loans you may have. You may have considered going to talk to a financial advisor together.

They Fit the “Qualifications”

Let’s face it, we all have qualifications for a partner… They have to have certain amount of qualities that make you happy, like being funny or charismatic, charming and sweet. There may even be physical qualities you are looking for, but if your partner fits all the qualifications, get to asking that big questions!

You Don’t See The Need To Go On Dates


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With anyone else other than your partner, of course! When you talk to your single friends and they tell you all their horror stories, you praise your partner for being who they are and are thankful the search is over because you couldn’t image anyone else as your spouse.

You Plan

You plan your future when you are young but when that special someone comes into your life, you can’t help but change those plans. Those plans conform to you and your partner and you make more plans; plans to build together.

You’re On The Same Page

With everything. You have talked about finances, you’ve made plans, you know how many kids you would both be comfortable with. You’re on the same page with holidays, traditions, and family. Sounds like a perfectly written romance novel to me… You may want to be prepping that proposal speech!

Dream Wedding

You know that wedding you always dreamed of or saw yourself having? Sometimes that doesn’t work out, but with the right person, that doesn’t matter. You won’t mind if you aren’t wearing a gorgeous gown or an elegant tuxedo, you won’t mind if every detail isn’t perfect. The important thing is, your spouse. The person you marry. A big or a small wedding has the same outcome and that is all that matters. And you are ok with that.


Life is what you make it and who you share it with. Share it with that one special person that fits you like a puzzle piece. Share it with the person that compliments your life in the best way possible and your life will be a dream come true.




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