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10 Ways To Tell You’re Pregnant Before Mother Nature Does

Could you really be expecting?

It might have been a couple of weeks since you did the “deed,” and you might be wondering if you are pregnant. But, how can you know or tell you are pregnant before missing your period? How do you know if you should be suspicious or not? These signs can help make it clear. 

Excess Fatigue

Are you more exhausted than normal? Or, are you just having a tiring week? It’s important, to be honest with yourself. However, if you don’t normally deal with fatigue or tiredness, you might want to get it checked out. 

Sore Breasts

Be careful with this sign. Many women admit to having tender or sore breasts during their period, so it could just be another symptom that mother nature is around the corner.


If you are someone who doesn’t normally get migraines or headaches, this might be a sign to buy a pregnancy test. Make sure that your headaches have been continuing for a couple of days, and aren’t related to a cold or another onset of illness. This includes any sudden changes in weather.

More Bathroom Trips

Frequent urination is a common symptom of early pregnancy. Again, make sure you are going to the bathroom more than normal for several days, not just because you drank an extra large tea. 

Nausea or Cramps

Yes, nausea and cramps can be common period signs. The difference when you’re pregnant is that these symptoms don’t lead to vomiting or diaherra.

Back Aches

Have you been noticing more back pain than normal recently? If this continues for more than a couple days, it might be time to consult a professional.


This is especially true if you don’t struggle with bowel issues regularly. Not to mention, you can’t remember eating anything out of the norm.

Heightened Sense of Smell

All of a sudden you might find yourself hating certain smells you used to enjoy, or noticing smells around your house that weren’t there before. Make sure it isn’t that the dog or your husband rolled around in something smelly. But, if this symptom continues for a couple of days, get it checked out.


I know it sounds weird to think that you would get a light period right before you are pregnant, but a spotty period is indeed an early pregnancy sign. Spotting means that you have patches of blood or a much lighter period than normal during your time of the month. But, in this case, it means you are experiencing spotting before you normally get your period. The egg implanting itself onto the uterine wall is what causes a little blood. 

The Obvious Signs

This means you have either taken a pregnancy test that turned positive, or you’ve missed your period.  Though it is always smart to get checked out by your family doctor or gynecologist before you tell the world your good news, these are visible signs that you have a bun in the oven.

I wish you the best of luck if you are just starting or discovering your pregnancy journey!

But if you are still waiting, we have tips to coping with infertility here. 

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