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11 Bicycle Ideas for Weddings That Are Too Cute to Handle

Maybe I am the only one who grew up loving riding a bike! Whether it was my small pink bike with ribbon streamers coming out of the handles and training wheels, or my “big kid” mountain bike that I learned to ride with gears, I have very fond memories of biking as a kid and teen.

Biking is not only incredibly healthy for you to do as far as exercise is concerned, but it is a fun activity to do with friends, loved ones, or significant others. Or maybe you do not like biking at all, whatsoever. But you love bikes and the theme that surrounds them!

Whether you are a bicycle riding bride or a bride that loves cute ideas that have to do with bicycles, you have come to the right place. Who knew there could be so many cute things that you can do with bicycles when it comes to wedding planning! So if you are curious, browse on.


1. Welcome Sign

Give your guests a little taste of what is to come with this awesome sign! You can have programs in the basket or have a balloon tied to the handle bars for an added effect.


2. Directional Signs

When trying to point out directions to your guests with signs, why not use a bike to support them? Decorated with some gorgeous flowers or another type of splash of color, this is an adorable accent to add to your sign decor for your big day.


3. Picture Wheel

This is such a wonderful idea and there are so many options that you can do with it. You could have photos of you and your honey growing up, a collection of photos from your engagement shoot, or have a timeline/story line of your relationship (example: first date, first road trip together, engagement selfie, etc.). Whatever you decide, your guests will love looking at your photo wheel!


4. CAKE!

Who could forget about the cake. Whether you go with the southern chic theme and have a cake like the first one above, or get a little more artsy fartsy and creative and incorporate your names like the second cake above, there is no excuse for not including a bike on your wedding cake when there are so many cool options available!


5. Table Markers

Mark your tables, one by one! You can’t exclude bikes on this one! You can do it yourself and create these awesome table settings or click here to order them through Etsy.


6. Wedding Favors

I can’t get enough of these adorable bicycle bottle openers! Stash them specially away in these creative bags and your guests will be thrilled.


7. Socks? Yes Please!

Looking for the perfect accent for the groom? Yes, please by all means, get him involved! Bicycle socks are the perfect, hidden keepsake for the special day.


8. Invitations

Show your guests from the get go that bicycles are totally going to be involved on your wedding day! Get creative and make your own story line of events (like the first picture) or use your own wedding color palette instead of yellow and blue!


9. Napkins

It is the simple things in life, am I right? Even something as simple as a napkin can bring a smile to a guest’s face when it includes an adorable accent like this one!


10. Couple Photos

There is not much to say about these wedding photos because they are simply precious! Get creative with your honey when it comes to bicycles, whether that be using a double bike or a single bicycle and a suitcase!


11. Other Wedding Decor

These pieces, especially the hanging ones, are definitely a must have! Finding old bikes and reusing them in wedding decor is incredibly intuitive and unique, not to mention easy on your budget!

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