11 Date Ideas for the Budget Savvy Couple


Date nights are always extremely fun when you are with the one that you love, so why make them more pricey than they have to be? Of course an expensive date is expected for the anniversary and special events, but you can’t make them all pricey or else you are going to be broke. Here are some fun, cheap, even free date night ideas for you and that special someone that won’t break the bank.

1. Theme Night

This super fun night will revolve around a theme that is decided beforehand by you and your boyfriend/fiancé/spouse. Lets just call them a special someone. So back to the date night, you include your theme in everything that your do that night, that includes dinner, movie, and even outfit choice. For example if you are having a 50s theme night you and your special someone can dress to the nines, watch a black and white movie, and eat a classic dinner. This fun night will be the highlight of your week and will be cheaper than going to see a movie at the movie theater together.

2. Go to an Orchard

By going to an orchard for your date, not only will you and your special someone have a fun time picking apples, peaches, etc. from the trees, but you will also be able to make gifts for that birthday coming up or Christmas. After you guys have finished picking the fruit, you can go home and can it or make cute jams that you can either keep for yourself or give away as gifts. This date is one to remember and has a high potential for adorable Instagram photos to monument that day.

couple watching a sunset
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3. Watch the Sunrise/Sunset

This date night, or morning, requires no money. All you need is your car and a place where you will have an awesome view of the sunrise or sunset. This is an extremely romantic date that symbolizes how you both start and end your day together. This is a cheap date that requires little planning, this leaves room to make it spontaneous and fun. You can add a picnic to this cheap date night, or morning, to make it even more great.

4. Be a Kid

Break out the chalk and finger paint and make a memorable day with that special someone by being a kid again. You can have a day full of coloring while watching cartoons which will make you reminisce to the good old days. This is a super cheap and fun way to switch up date night. You guys can spend the evening talking about your childhood memories and eating your favorite childhood food while saving money.

5. Thrift Shop

Go and pop some tags with your significant other at some local thrift stores. You will get the thrill of saving money while at the same time being able to buy items for your house and wardrobe. Mix things up a little bit by trying to choose an extremely ugly outfit for the other person and then trying them on to see whose is uglier. Going thrift shopping is so much fun and will definitely not be a blah date.

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6. Museum Hop

Go around to your local museums and learn more about the history and culture of your area. This will give you some fun facts to remember and who knows, you may even be living in an extremely historical and important home in your neighborhood. If you are lacking in local museums, venture out and go to your nearest city where you will be met with a variety of museums including art museums, history museums, and nature museums. You are assured to not be bored with all of the different cool things you all will find in these culture centers.

7. No Electricity

That’s right, this means no phones, no tv, and no lights. Although this sounds painful on the outside, it is actually pretty romantic on the inside. Conserve your energy by having a candlelight dinner followed by some of your favorite board games. You will be devoting this entire time to the other person by taking out any distractions that can be caused by anything that is run by electricity. You and your special someone will cultivate meaningful conversations while having this time to yourself.

8. Make Dinner

Do you and your special someone share a favorite meal? Not only will it be fun to grocery shop for the ingredients, but preparing and cooking the food will be so much fun and a good source of quality time that you two can spend together. Get out all of those Betty Crocker cookbooks that you have been getting for Christmas and find a yummy looking recipe to enjoy on your money-saving date night.

blanket fort
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9. Blanket Fort

Similar to Date Night Idea #4, bring out your inner child and build an awesome blanket fort with your special someone. Get out as many blankets as you can and build a fort that will make your 10-year-old selves jealous. Make it even more fun by bringing your laptop in or constructing your fort around your TV to watch your favorite movie with popcorn and other snacks. This idea is foolproof and is a winner that is bound to become a regular date idea.

10. Volunteer

Volunteering is a selfless act that show your values and compassion, it can also be a lot of fun. As long as you are with good company and have an open heart, you will be able to learn and grow with your partner.At the same time as you are getting to know one another better, you will also be serving and making a difference in other peoples lives. This Date Night Idea is a good thing for everyone and will be remembered as a special day.

11. Walk a Dog

Walking a dog is a great way to get outside and breathe in some fresh air with your special someone. If you don’t have a dog, head to your local dog shelter or ASPCA and take them for a walk! Lord knows how badly those dogs need some time out of that pound, and you might even be able to adopt one of them by the end of the walk! Get some puppy time with your sweetheart and enjoy a night out walking around your town with this fun date idea.

These money saving, savvy date ideas are sure to bring smiles to you and your significant other’s faces because of how fun and creative they are. Even if you guys aren’t looking to save a ton of money, these ideas are fun to mix up your date nights. So get creative and start working on planning these awesome nights!


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