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11 Girls’ Night Ideas For You And Your Crew

Because we all want something Instagram worthy.

On a Friday night, what is the first thing you think of? Maybe strutting your stuff with a night on the town with your best friends in tow, or maybe curling up like a marshmallow and finishing that Netflix series you’re addicted to, either way, there is nothing like spending some quality time doing what you love most on a Friday night. But what about your girls? After a week of hard work, grocery shopping, and adulting, you might be more than ready to surround yourself with your best friends. But does that mean that you have to put on your favorite pair of stilettos, tons of bronzer, and drink like a fish? Absolutely not! Here are great girls’ night ideas that involve hitting the town and hitting the couch!

Romantic Comedy Marathon

girls night

Because who doesn’t love watching a great romantic comedy with their best friends? This past Valentine’s Day I hosted a Galentines Movie Night where we watched Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley. Not only does no man deserve my friends, but everyone in the building heard us screaming when Mr. Darcy strolls through the marsh to declare his love to Lizzy. So grab your favorite candy, order a greasy pizza, and cuddle up for a great night of some relaxed estrogen.


girls night

Going to a club where people dance and aren’t just swaying awkwardly to the music, is a gift. It can be great fun for you and your friends to get dressed up, wear comfortable shoes, and find a club, bar, or place that features dancing. This could be line dancing, ballroom dancing, or just a typical club that has a live band. Either way, this could be an excellent way to burn off some steam from the past week, and who knows, maybe you’ll even dance with some cute guys!

Costume Party

girls night

Now, this might be more work than you want to put in at the end of your week but have all your besties over to your apartment dressed in a theme. For example, why not have a Roaring 20’s party, a 90’s party, or a 60’s party. Make sure that everyone dresses accordingly. Then, serve food, watch a movie, play music, and play games associated with that time period. People on your Instagram are sure to be jealous.

Food Out

girls night

Do you and your friends love to cook and bake? Then why not hole up on a Friday night and try to create the next amazing dessert. Or, pretend that you are contestants on Food Network or The Great British Baking Show, and create your masterpieces for each other to sample. You definitely won’t regret spending the night eating fabulous desserts. Don’t forget the wine!

Build Each Other Up

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Spend a night just having a good old-fashioned sleepover. Well, a sleepover where you can legally drink. But instead of spending all your time gossiping or hating on your boss, spend time lifting each other up. Sit in a circle and go around telling each girl what you love the most about them. This is an excellent way to end the week on a high and grow in your relationships. But, after you build each other up, go on complaining about the men or lack of men in your life.

Spa Night

girls night

Instead of spending tons of money going to your local spa, make one yourself. Have different stations for facials, charcoal masks, manicures, and pedicures. Even go to your favorite beauty store and purchase bath bombs for everyone to have a relaxing soak. Give your skin and body a break by relaxing this Friday evening.

Restaurant Hop

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Have new restaurants opened up in your town? Even if they haven’t, I am sure that you have a favorite restaurant or cafe you like to occupy. Take a night to hit up your favorite spots with your friends. Draw a map, book an Uber, and spend the night eating and drinking your way through your cities’ best scene. Start at one place for appetizers, then move on for the entree, and finish with dessert and coffee, or your favorite bar. .

Horror Movie Night

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The opposite of romantic comedies would be horror films. It is scientifically proven that watching horror movies with friends bonds you together emotionally. As someone who watched a thriller or horror film every single weekend practically with my best friends, I can attest to that statement. Maybe I’m just a huge weirdo, but nothing is more fun than screaming at the top of your lungs with your best friends. So pick out your favorite recent or past horror film, and lock the doors tonight.

Shopping Spree

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Who doesn’t love to shop till they drop? Go with your friends to your favorite mall, boutiques, or outlets, and spend hours trying on your favorite clothes. Splurge on that necklace or pair of pumps you’ve had your eye on. Pretend you want to buy makeup and get a makeover in Sephora. And make sure that you get some Starbucks or Cinnabon to top off the evening.

Watch The Stars

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Take your old battered blanket, a bottle of your favorite wine, and head out to watch the stars with your best friends. This is a great way to have an intentional conversation and not spend a lot of money. After running around like crazy all week, it can be great just to take a deep breath and enjoy nature for the evening.


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Now, I applaud the people who actually go to the gym on Friday night, but if you and your friends love to workout, why not do it together? Head to your favorite tennis court, the trail to run on, or a body of water, and spend the evening burning some calories. Just make sure that you reward yourselves with some ice cream, and something that isn’t gluten free afterwards. 

As you can see, the world can literally be your oyster this Friday night. Go out and enjoy it with your girls!

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