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11 Perfect Lipstick Shades You’ll Want To Rock This Summer

With Summer right around the corner, it’s time to dig through your closet and find the perfect look. Whatever look you land on, be sure to tie it together with the perfect lipstick color. Here are some of the best Summer styles and Summer colors that you must try this season. Whether you are hitting the beach or hitting the town, there’s something for everyone.

1. Electric Red Lipstick

lipstick shades

This lipstick color should be a staple in every lady’s lipstick collection. Lip color trends come and go, but electric red is timeless. Just be sure to wear this Summer color at the right time of the day. Don’t you dare wear this at the beach. Instead, wear red lipstick whenever you are going out for a night on the town. Don’t forget to pull off the classic look; red heels, little black dress, and red lipstick. Here’s another final tip. Pull off this look with a matte lipstick. Glossy red lipstick is a retired trend. Red matte lipstick is what’s in now.

2. Poppy Red

lipstick shades

If you love the look of red lipstick, but it’s a little too loud or bold for you, then consider a poppy red lipstick color instead. Even though it’s still a bold color, poppy red has a more natural tint to it. 

3. Bold Pink

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Spring might be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to bright colors. Try on a bold pink as part of your Summer colors. This is one of the best lipstick colors because it’s so versatile. Wear it during the day as a lip gloss for a dewy, fun look. When nighttime rolls around, switch it up to a matte lipstick color. The boldness of the pink against the tan glowing skin is an adorable Summer look that you have to play with at least once.

4. Go Nude

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Nude is the perfect Summer color that will never get old. What makes nude lipstick one of the best lipstick colors is that it can be worn as a lip gloss or a matte lipstick and still look fabulous. Even better, both lipgloss and matte lipstick colors can be worn at any point in the day.

5. Glass Bomb By Fenty

lipstick shades

With the rising Summer heat, your skin and face will no doubt be rocking the dewy look. There’s no reason to leave your lips out. A classic Summer look is a tinted lip gloss with a nice translucent color. Rihanna’s latest lipstick line, Fenty, has a fantastic lip gloss that does the job. The line’s lipgloss shade, glass bomb, is one of the best lipsticks to have on hand this summer. The soft formula is infused with shea butter and will make your lips feel like silk all day long. Plus, this glassy look will work with any outfit!

6. Light Coral

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If you are more of a beach lounger than a beach swimmer like I am, then chances are, you don’t skip out getting dolled up for the beach. The best lipstick shade for lounging around is certainly a light color. Add a light coral to your collection this Summer for a great lip color. Light coral is a perfect Summer color because it’s light, natural, and works well with most any Summer outfit. The Maybelline lipstick line carries a nice variety of coral colors that are sure to fit your look this Summer.

7. Two Toned

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If you are feeling bold, then change up your look this Summer by using two lipstick colors. Once you have found the Summer color that you like, grab the same color in a couple of shades darker. Think one or two shades darker. Apply the darker shade on your top lip, and the lighter shade on your bottom lip. The slight change in color will give your lips a subtle shadow that will definitely have people giving you a double take. You can try and rock this look on the beach. But just like the electric red lipstick, it’s best to save this look for the evening.

8. Don’t forget to moisturize

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Matte lipstick is still giving lip gloss a run for its money. When you are shopping for your lipstick colors, try on moisturized lipstick colors for size. Not only will you be hydrating your lips, but they’ll stay nice and soft throughout the day. For an added dose of protection, shop for a moisturized lipstick that has an SPF of at least 15. 

9. Powdery Matte Lipstick

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A must-have matte lipstick shade to rock this Summer is a soft rosy pink shade. Maybelline Lipstick has the perfect Summer color called Nocturnal Rose. This powdery matte lipstick will make your lips feel soft and airy. Not weighed down like many other matte lipsticks. Better yet, you can rock Nocturnal Rose with a casual outfit or a dressed up look. 

10. Lightweight Matte Lipstick

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Lightweight matte lipstick colors are the way to go this season. Try on a raspberry lightweight matte lipstick color this Summer. The dark hue against glowing summer skin is a look to rock at least once this Summer. Just make sure to get this Summer color in a lightweight powdery lipstick finish. Your lips won’t feel heavy or dry to the point that you may even forget you have lipstick on in the first place. Maybelline lipstick is right on track with this trend. They recently just launched a range of lightweight matte lipstick Summer shades. So happy choosing!

11. Color Balms

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If you want a nice Summer color, but don’t want the hassle, maintenance, or weight of a matte lipstick, then color balms are your answer. Lip balms are everywhere right now. And why wouldn’t they? Lip balms make the perfect lip gloss substitutes. And when you add a splash of color to them, you’ve got the perfect mix for a Summer look. When you are shopping for your Summer color, keep in mind that the shade that you pick will look a couple of shades lighter than the actual color on the balm.

With all the fun lipstick color looks to try on this Summer, you are sure to have a cute look for each day of the week. Be bold as you play around with different lipstick colors. More importantly, remember to have fun with the different styles! Let us know your favorite lipstick trend for the Summer in the comments below!

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