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11 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Jogging Stroller

If you have a love for running, you may be counting down the days when you can share your hobby with your child. Or perhaps you are not an avid runner, but you are interested in doing so because of the benefits it brings. Continue reading if you are thinking of jogging as we have listed both the pros and cons of jogging with your baby in the article below.


Fresh Air

jogging stroller

Both you and your baby need to get out of the house daily. The fresh air will naturally boost your mood and help relieve stress built from being stuck in the house. Your baby will enjoy seeing all the exciting things outside as he/she learns about the world. The new sights, smells, and sounds will give your child something to think about and will most likely be ready for a nap when you return home.

Healthy Habit

jogging stroller

In choosing to jog while pushing your baby, you are proving to yourself that you will continue to work out even when it may not be so convenient. You are building a healthy habit for yourself, AND you are teaching your child to do so as well.

Better Workout

jogging stroller

Running with your child has some amazing benefits that you cannot get while running alone. You will have some added resistance by pushing the heavy stroller, especially as you go up hills. Your arms can get a little more toned by pushing and navigating the stroller, especially if you switch them. The stroller bar can be used for stretching instead of having to grab a street sign, a bench, or something of that sort to lean on. Tip: Be sure to lock the stroller wheels as you stretch so you both stay safe.

Running with a stroller is also said to help improve your form. Finally, it can help to burn more calories, especially if you use the push and chase method. Incorporating this method can increase the intensity of your workout as it acts as an interval workout because you are pushing the stroller and then speeding up to catch it.


jogging stroller

Spending the time together as you jog will help you to bond with each other even more. You probably won’t be able to chat much once you are running, but you are experiencing the same things at the same time. This gives you topics to talk about with your child once the run is over, asking him/her questions like, “did you like the breeze? Do you think we were going fast? What part of the trail was your favorite?” Asking your child questions will help their language development as well as their cognitive development. You can talk about your run even if your child cannot yet respond by mentioning the things you noticed on your run.

Endless Possibilities

jogging stroller

Since you chose to purchase a jogging stroller, you are not limited to the places you can go. Therefore, you can choose to run in a neighborhood, in a park, on a trail, etc. The stroller wheels should make the rides enjoyable and smooth for your child. Imagine all of the fun places you could run with your baby in the stroller.

No Babysitter Required

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Exercising with your baby means you will not have to wait until someone else can watch him/her. Not only is this convenient and more realistic, but it frees up more time for you.

With all the great opportunities presented to you through running with your baby, it might seem like there aren’t any cons. But as with anything, there are some factors you may want to consider before purchasing a jogging stroller.


The Waiting Period

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Although you might have the desire to jog immediately after giving birth (if this is you, can you please share your enthusiasm?), you will, unfortunately, have to wait. Jogging strollers are not recommended for babies until they are at least six months, or until they reach a certain height/weight. You could also run into an issue if you live in a place with snowy winters. My baby girl was born in May so, by the time she turned six months, it was November and not as ideal for jogging.

Alone Time

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Running with your baby will be very different than running without your baby. You will not have that same alone time just to get lost in your thoughts. You may find that you must keep stopping for whatever reason. Some people understandably decide they would rather use their run as a time to refuel and recharge.

Your Baby Might Not Like It

jogging stroller

Many babies enjoy stroller rides because of the motion and the sightseeing. However, your child may not like to run with you. It could be the fast motion, the cool breeze, or simply being strapped down. If this happens to you, you’ll have to choose another method of exercise.

Could Be Harder For High Intensity

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Although there are potential benefits in your workout when pushing a stroller, the opposite is also true. It could be harder for you to run the way you want and you may have to make some modifications, whether it be in your speed, distance, or style. Your child has a mind of his own, and that means your workout may not go the way you hoped.

Potential Danger

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Jogging strollers were designed for an all-terrain, safe running experience with your baby. These strollers were literally made to do this if you follow the instructions. However, there is always a danger when your baby is involved. It is so important to make sure your baby is properly strapped in, to avoid dangerous areas, and watch where you are going. You cannot assume that others see you and will move out of the way. All of the extra dangers to your child result in the run being a little less carefree and instead more worrisome.

If you are like a lot of women and trying to find a way to lose the baby weight, jogging with your baby could be a great solution. It could be an overall wonderful experience, one that both of you look forward to each day.

However, if you feel that you would rather find another way to exercise as a mom, please read  5 Tips for Women Looking to Lose That Stubborn Baby Weight( That Don’t Require A Gym Membership) to find alternative ideas. Happy exercising!

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