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The 12 Best First Date Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect idea for a first date? It can be awkward at times to just get coffee, so why not try to do something fun? We found the best first date ideas that can spice up your usual dating routine!


This is an excellent opportunity to have something to do with your hands and also have great conversation. And who doesn’t love some healthy competition?

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2. Brewery Or Wine Tasting

Love to drink? Take a step up from the classic “getting drinks” date and upgrade to a wine tour. You can learn about how to make your favorite drinks and be able to sample a lot of different wines or beers for cheaper.


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3. Cook Together

You might not be comfortable with this person you haven’t met yet cooking with you in your kitchen, but many popular kitchen stores offer cooking classes. Learn to make a new yummy dish and keep yourself occupied if the conversation is starting to get forced.

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4. Explore Nature

Are both of you crazy about the outdoors? Then why not take your first date outside. Pick a fun hiking trail, take a scenic bike ride, or even take a walk in your local park. This is a fun way to get to know someone while doing something you both enjoy.

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5. Coffee/ Ice-Cream Walk

A typical first date might take place in a local Starbucks or ice cream shop, but why not take it a step further…literally. Instead of awkwardly sitting across from one another at a coffee shop, why not take it to go? Grab your coffee or ice cream and walk around your town or city. This way you won’t have to worry about making “too much” or “not enough” eye contact!


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6. Go To A Festival Or Street Fair

Over the summer many towns take a weekend to open up a local festival. Take this as an opportunity to go on a great first date. It gives you the chance to walk around looking at different booths but also lets you get to know each other and maybe even your town, better.

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7. Visit A Museum Or Art Gallery

See what their artistic and historical preferences are by taking them to your favorite art gallery or museum. This will give you plenty to talk about if the conversation gets slow.

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8. Rock Climbing

Want the outdoors without actually going outdoors? Try rock-climbing. This is a fun way to be active and get to know someone. Top off the evening by grabbing some ice cream!

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9. Go To An Outdoor Concert Or Theater Event

This helps you to establish their music taste, and hopefully see one of your favorite artists or shows. Try to get drinks afterward to round off the evening.

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10. Dancing Class

This is for the truly bold. If you are very comfortable with who you are, or better yet, you and your date actually enjoy dancing, try out a dance class together. Many cities even have outdoor dancing nights that are located downtown that you could explore together. This is a great way to gauge if you are attracted to them as well as have an excellent conversation!

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11. Horseback Riding

If you love the outdoors but aren’t the hiking type, try horseback riding. You can be focused on the conversation, but also can choose to be distracted by the horse if you need to.

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12. Karaoke

Do you love to sing? Or maybe just embarrassing yourself? Try going out to a trivia bar or karaoke bar to give you something to talk about.

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I hope that these date ideas can help you from facing the dreaded, coffee first date. Let us know if you have any more ideas below!

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