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8 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations For The Perfect Post-Wedding Getaway

Because going to the Caribbean is so yesterday.

You’ve been so busy planning the perfect fairytale wedding that you might have forgotten one little thing…the honeymoon. Where are you and your man going to go when the wedding is all said and done? Sure you could go to Europe, or the Caribbean, or another beach, but you and your fiance want to be different. You want a honeymoon that is different from everyone else’s. But where do you start?

The main thing you want on your honeymoon is to be able to celebrate your marriage and relax after the year or years of wedding planning. Though the beach can be fun and relaxing, why stay on American soil? And who ever thought that backpacking through Europe was a relaxing vacation? Want to try something crazy and unique? The locations we’ve listed below are perfect for anyone with the heart of an adventurer, or anyone who just dares to be a little different.


This Southeast Asian country is known for their beautiful landscape, polite and courteous residents, and Burma road.

Best Time To Visit: November- February, which is the cooler season.

Visit: Bago. It features palaces, Buddhism, monasteries, temples, and lakes.

exotic honeymoons

2. Morocco

This North African country is located on the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Best Time To Visit: Mid-March to May

Visit: Marrakech( city). This city offers the sights and sounds of the old and modern Morocco. Make sure you check out the Djeema El Fna at dusk but go early to avoid the tourists.

exotic honeymoons

3.  Thailand

This is the country in Southeast Asia that is visited by the most tourists. In Thailand, you can find  jungles, beaches, and cheap amenities.

Best Time To Visit: November- February

Visit: Phuket. This is a beach off the coast of Thailand. Any of Thailand’s beautiful beaches are not to be missed!

exotic honeymoons

4. Maldives

This tropical nation off the Indian Ocean is known for its exquisite beaches and resorts.

Best Time To Visit: November- April

Visit: Hulhule Island. This beach is closest to the cities capital, so you can tan by day and party by night!

exotic honeymoons

5. Sri Lanka

This diverse nation south of India, is packed with rainforests, highlands, and sandy beaches.

Best Time To Visit: April- September

Visit: Sigiriya. This city is filled with ancient ruins and a rock fortress. It is perfect for the couple that loves exploring and hiking.

exotic honeymoons

6. Bali

This Indonesian island offers volcanic mountains, coral reefs, and rice fields. It’s the perfect diverse getaway.

Best Times To Visit: May-July

Visit: Mount Batur. If you and your husband-to-be love hiking, this volcanic mountain is the ultimate achievement. Make sure you take your camera for some great shots!

exotic honeymoons

7.  French Polynesia

This area is comprised of 100 islands in the South Pacific. If you love the beach but want a nice change, French Polynesia is for you!

Best Times To Visit: June- August

Visit: Tahiti. This is the largest island in French Polynesia. Tahiti’s pleasant lagoons and crystal clear water will definitely  not disappoint.

exotic honeymoons

8. Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands that is located right off the Indian Ocean in East Africa.

Best Times To Visit: April-May, October-November

Visit: Sainte Anne Marine National Park. If you have always wanted to snorkel in the ocean, this is the place for you to do it. The park offers offshore diving sites in coral reefs and the best Creole restaurants in the area.

exotic honeymoons

Which of these fabulous vacation spots do you like best? Share in the comments below if you’ve visited any of these exotic locations!


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