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12 Halloween Costume Ideas For You And Your Besties

Dress up with your best friend this Halloween!


Halloween is just around the corner, which means you should probably start working on your costume. Just because you don’t have a boyfriend to go to those Halloween parties with, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up with your squad! These costume ideas are perfect for any group of best friends ready to terrorize the town this Halloween!

1. Cutie Fruities

Want an easy costume that looks adorable? Why not dress as your favorite fruit? Some ideas to choose from include strawberries, pineapples, grapes, apples, bananas, and more. All you need is an oversized t-shirt, some hats, and someone to do fun makeup.

Halloween costumes

2. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

People won’t recognize who is who in this adorable twinning costume inspired from Alice in Wonderland. Annoy people with your awesome friendship the same way they annoy Alice during her trip to Wonderland. You can purchase it here.

Halloween costumes

3. Three Blind Mice

This costume is perfect for any three best friends! And, if a guy won’t leave you alone, you can pretend to be “blind” to his advances. You can purchase it here.

Halloween costumes

4. Mario & Luigi

Do you and your best friend love video games? Even if you’ve never played Super Smash Bros, you can still rock this costume! You can purchase it here. 

Halloween costumes

5. M & Ms

Chocolate makes everything better. This easy to replicate costume will make you and your besties look sweet for sure.

Halloween costume

6. Flapper Girls

Everything has been so Great Gatsby lately, so why not capitalize on the trend? Dress to the nines with your best friends, and I’m sure you’ll have a roaring time. You can purchase one here. 

Halloween costume

7. Candy Skulls( Day of the Dead)

If you and your bestie are very artistic, this costume is for you! Just make sure that you have someone excellent doing your makeup. You can purchase a costume here. 

Halloween costume

8. The Shining Twins

Hope you don’t mind all the blood. For my ladies out there who want a little more blood and gore on Halloween, this costume covers all the bases. You can purchase it here. 

Halloween costume

9. Punny

This picture below is a perfect idea if you have a witty best friend. People love guessing costumes and finding humor in unexpected places. This Halloween could be your opportunity to get all the laughs at the party.

Halloween costume

10. Frat Boys

Get some khaki shorts, some Ralph Lauren, and a Vineyard Vines hat, and your look is practically complete. This costume is ideal for a large group of friends who want to dress up together.

Halloween costume

11. Blair & Serena ( Gossip Girl)

Channel your inner prep school girl for the night with these fun costumes! This is perfect if you have a blonde or brunette best friend. You can purchase one here. 

Halloween costume

12. Minnie Mouse & Daisy Duck

These best friends have always been goals, so why not be them for Halloween? Plus, we could all use a little Disney magic when we get dressed up.

Halloween costume

We hope that however you and your squad dress up this Halloween, that you will have fun and be safe!

And, don’t worry. We didn’t forget about Halloween costumes for the whole family or him. 



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