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12 Lessons from My Big Fat Greek Wedding We Love

The My Big Fat Greek Wedding cast, combined with an amazing and hilarious plot, is what truly makes this film a family favorite. If you need a few good laughs after a stressful day of wedding planning, pour a glass of wine and enjoy the love story of Ian and Toula. If you miss your fiance and need a relaxing movie night together, pop in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and make a marathon out of it.

The great thing is, not only is this movie a classic comedy and a favorite, it also has some pretty good life lessons and values in it that many might not think of. So if you think about it, some of these lessons below are pretty applicable in our own lives. Plus it is simply a great movie, so that is pretty wonderful too!


1. Embrace your roots and be proud of them.

Whether you are Greek, Asian, Latino, African, or Caucasian, take pride in your culture, language, and the country you are from. Be proud of your ancestors and family, and the history of your people. It goes a long way to learn how to appreciate your roots, and you will not regret it!


2. Learn to love your big family.

This obviously does not apply to everyone. But if you do have a big family (my dad has one hundred and ten first cousins, so trust me, I know), learn to love them for their craziness and loud qualities. You will soon learn that you have a whole bunch of people who care about you, love you, and support you. Not just one, but many.


3. Stand up for yourself!

Toula had to learn to stand up to her parents because she wanted to go to college. She learned to stand up to her father when she wanted to date a man who was not Greek. Learn to stand up for yourself if you feel passionate about something! There is nothing wrong with expressing your opinion on what YOU want to do!


4. The family business does not have to be your future.

Just like Toula learned, she did not have to stay in the family restaurant business all of her life. Now, she did work for her Aunt’s traveling agency, but she went to college and learned to do something she loved! So if you are not crazy about spending the rest of your life in the family business, chase your dreams.


5. Follow your heart (cliche, right?).

It may sound extremely cliche and cheesy, but it is true. If your heart is not in something, why keep doing it? Toula did not want to marry a Greek man. She wanted to marry Ian, and that is where her heart was. So in the end, be wise and dig down deep into the depths of your heart and soul for your feelings on situations, and make your decision from the heart.


6. Windex has amazing healing powers.

I will always get a kick out of this one! Okay, so maybe not the wisest advice. But still, you never know what a good ol’ bottle of Windex can do.


7. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

Ian decided because he loved Toula so so much, he would be baptized into the Greek church. Toula sacrificed her dignity when introducing Ian to her crazy family. Making sacrifices for the one you love is pretty important, and heck, even making sacrifices for someone you do not know as well is incredibly chivalrous. Take the higher road and sacrifice something you love or hate if it means helping someone you care about.


8. Step out of your comfort zone!

Get a makeover, go to college, or take a pottery class like Toula (hint hint wink wink). Stepping out of your safety bubble and doing something that might make you uncomfortable is just what we all need every once in awhile. So embrace the awkwardness and do something you do not want to do.


9. Family is always there for you, whether you know it or not.

Sometimes you probably feel like your family is not there for you. Maybe you feel they are protecting you too much or that they do not protect you enough. Either way, know that your family cares about you immensely, no matter how embarrassing or awful they can be.


10. College can truly change your life.

Of course college is intimidating. But college is a place to grow and discover who you are and what your purpose in life is. Just like Toula had the courage to stand up to her father and tell him she wanted to go to college, you can have the opportunity to have an amazing college experience as well.


11. Arranged dates made by your crazy Greek father never end up well.

Blind dates, set up dates, whatever it is, be careful and cautious. Especially if it is your parents setting you up on the date! Things can go downhill pretty quickly, and remember that doing something out of your comfort zone is good every once in awhile? This is an exception, you do not have to do it!


12. Love has no boundaries.

No cultural boundaries, no emotional boundaries, no physical boundaries, no anything. Love is love, and Toula and Ian are perfect examples of this. If you love someone, none of those things should matter. Crazy family or not.

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