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14 Beauty Tips For Moms (That You’ll Actually Have Time For!)

There is so much to do to get our babies ready in the morning. Between changing, feeding, playing, feeding, and changing again, in a short amount of time, it’s a wonder we even have a minute to use the restroom.

Working moms don’t always have time for an extensive beauty regimen amidst the morning rush. And if you’re a stay at home mom, it may be tempting to wear your pajamas all day and never look in the mirror.

Whether you leave the house or not, studies show that when we feel we look better, we actually feel better throughout the day. I know that’s true for me. If I stay in my pajamas and never take the time to prepare for the day, I feel tired and want to sleep all day. But when I take a few minutes on myself, I feel ready to conquer the day.

So, here are 14 very simple beauty tips for the busy mom.

Start With Your Eyes

beauty tips for moms

Cooling Eye Gel Mask: this quick trick will help to relieve that puffy look and dark circles you’ve accumulated from lack of sleep. You can put it on your face while you go to the bathroom and while you change your clothes to save some time.

Eye Drops: Find a brand of eye drops you like and use them throughout the day. Adding moisture to dry eyes helps you to appear less tired. Be sure they are safe to use while wearing contacts (if applicable).

Tweeze: Grab the tweezers while you’re already in the bathroom and make sure to pluck any stray hairs. This does not need to be done daily, but it does need to be done often. It is one of the most evident signs for me to know that I have not been taking care of myself.

Don’t Neglect Your Face

beauty tips for momsMoisturizing Wipes: This handy little wipe is a quick way to wash your face when you don’t have time. If you’re used to washing your face and suddenly stop (like I have), you are more likely to break out.

Anti-Aging Serum: Find one you love to help fight the signs of aging on your face. Parenting adds some stress to your life (even if it’s good stress) but a good serum can help fight the wrinkles that are bound to start popping up.

Fast Hair, Don’t Care

beauty tips for moms

Headband: Wearing a cute headband is a lifesaver in your beauty regimen. It adds a cute look to your outfit without much effort at all.

Add lotion: Ever have frizzy hair but no time to tame it? Using lotion on your hair is perfect for those times it is just too frizzy. Dab a small amount into your hands and rub. Then run it through your hair from the bottom to the top.

Grab a toothbrush: Designate a toothbrush to become your new flyaway fixer. Just spray the toothbrush with hairspray and brush those unwanted hairs down.

Pick An Easy Do: Now’s not the time to try a super complicated Pinterest hairdo. Opt for the simple, quick, and comfortable hair-do. I recommend putting it up even if you stay at home to avoid your baby pulling it all day.

Makeup Beauty Tips For Women

beauty tips for moms

You probably won’t have time for your usual beauty regimen now that you have a little one. Some women stop wearing as much makeup when they become a mom and instead follow some natural beauty tips. Here are a few for makeup:

  • Choose a more natural looking eyeshadow that goes with any outfit, so you do not have to choose the color based on your clothes.
  • Replace your mascara often enough so that you do not have to waste time. Continually running old/bad mascara over your eyelashes or placing the brush in the tube over and over can use up some valuable time.
  • Use a simple gloss or chapstick to rub over your lips rather than using lipstick. If you want the appearance of soft lips, gently brush your lips with a toothbrush each day.
  • Use the same beauty regimen every day when you put on your makeup so it can be done quickly.
  • Choose the one makeup item you feel is a “must have” and apply it by itself on days you are running behind. For example, I’m okay without wearing my eyeshadow or mascara but prefer always to be wearing eyeliner.

Don’t Forget To Always:

beauty tips for moms

  • Drink enough water to hydrate your body and skin. A hydrated body produces naturally beautiful skin.
  • Wear sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful rays. Yes, you still can get a tan if you use sunscreen. And yes, you can still get burned even if there are clouds out. Think of sunscreen as an investment in your skin.
  • Keep your hands away from your face to avoid breaking out (and from spreading germs to yourself).

You’re Beautiful On The Inside

beauty tips for moms

Don’t forget where your true beauty comes from. Our culture puts some unhealthy standards on us, and we do not have to follow them. It is more important to be a kind and loving person rather than looking picture perfect every day.

Remember that your kids are watching you and how you view yourself. Be a good example and show them that while we should take care of ourselves, we don’t have to look “flawless.” Create good self-esteem habits for your little ones by talking positively about yourself.

And remember, having a little one is hard. Many people understand that and aren’t expecting you to look perfect. Take care of yourself but let go of the need to be #flawless.







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