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14 Signs You’ve Found The Best Roomie Ever

Because your roommate is truly above and beyond.

Do you think that you have the best roommate ever? I’m not talking a best friend, but a roommate who actually makes your life better instead of worse? Someone who cleans their room, takes out the trash, and asks you if you want to order take out before they get it for themselves. Whether you’re in college, graduate school, living in an apartment or townhouse, these are the indicators that you’ve found the best roommate ever. Make sure you tag your roommate if these apply!

1.Your Cleaning Styles Match Up


I know how hard it can be to clean your house each week after you’ve worked. I mean, you work after all. It’s not like you’re just sitting around binge watching Netflix. But, I also know that if you don’t clean your space, you can start finding hair in very mysterious places, not to mention unknown substances. But, it’s even harder when one roommate is squeaky clean, and the other is not. I am hoping that you are roommates who conquer cleaning your dorm or apartment together, but if you aren’t, I hope that you are both genuinely happy to be living in your filth.

2. They Feed You


The hardest part of adulting is cooking dinner for yourself each night. I mean I have to go to work for 9 hours, go to the gym, and then come home to prepare myself a meal? Nothing is better than having a roommate who enjoys cooking and baking. I’ll be honest, if I came home to my roommate cooking me an actual meal instead of the frozen chicken tenders I’ve eaten for the past two nights, I would cry. So if your roommate cooks for you, bakes you a cake on your birthday, or knows your pizza order, thank them today.

3. They’re Awesome Snugglers


If you don’t have a  man in your life, or even if you do, nothing is better than snuggling with your bestie. Watching your favorite TV show or movie, and just spooning together on the couch. To be honest, I really hate physical touch, like a lot. But, I know that my roommate is always trying to spoon me, so I know this is a major positive for most women. If you’re having a bad day, we all need a roommate who will give us a Mom-hug and wipe away our tears.

4. They Give Great Advice



And they don’t just follow what the crowd is saying. They genuinely care about your life and the consequences of your choices, so they tell it to you like it is. This can work for stupid boys, calling your ex in your drunken state, or wearing that ugly sweater you found at the thrift shop. Everyone needs roommates who are going to guide them through all of life’s ups and downs.

5. You Share Intimate Details


Did you just poop for the first time today? Get your period finally? Need help plucking a random man hair on your chin? Your roommate is there for you. 

6. They Stay In


Want to watch The Notebook and order Chinese food on a Friday night? Your roommate is down, heck, they even suggested it. You don’t have to ever worry about not being social on the weekend, because they are content not to be social with you.

7. They Go Out


But do you really want to try out that new restaurant in your town? Go to that fun dance club? Try to conquer a church young adult group by yourself? They are your person.

8. They’re Encouraging


If you’ve had a bad day, a bad week, or a bad month, they know what you need to cheer you up. They’ll make sure that you don’t wallow, and put yourself back out there. If you just had a breakup, they’ll be the one spooning you Ben and Jerry’s, but they’ll also be the person setting you up on a blind date.

9. They’re Never Passive Aggressive


Life is exhausting enough as it is, you don’t need to always be worrying about what you did to upset your roommate this time.  You guys can be honest and open with each other when there’s an issue, and you handle it. If you’ve done something to upset them, they let you know in a kind and caring way.

10. You Can Have Deep Life Talks


But you also know how to joke around with one another. You can truly be yourself with this person, and you are aware that they are themselves with you. You can tell them your fears, dreams, doubts, and accomplishments. They love learning more about you, and you love learning more about them. Either way, you always have someone to have some great pillow talk with.

11. You Can Let It All Hang Out


No need to have the right clothes on, a bra, or a stitch of makeup. They’ve seen you wear your pajamas all day( see our article here), and they’ve seen you dressed to the nines. It’s important that you can be comfortable with your roommate in whatever you’re wearing.

12. They Always Support You


They are the first people to go to your work party, celebrate your raise, or make a sign for the marathon you’ve signed up to run. Even if you make poor life choices, they support and respect your decisions no matter what. They are your biggest cheerleader, and you are there’s.

13. They Stalk With You


Want to know what your blind date looked like in 7th grade? They’re by your side. Want to stalk your ex-boyfriend’s new girl? They’re there telling you how ugly they are. Want to read Jaden Smith tweets to each other for fun? They thought of the idea.

14. The Best Part Of Your Day Is Going Home


You genuinely look forward to seeing them when you wake up and go to bed. You enjoy hanging out with them and hearing how their day went. Let’s face it. You love your roomie, and they are perfect. That’s all.

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