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14 Signs That You Are Totally, Seriously Ready to Get Married

Like, you are seriously ready.

This is not a joke. Not like “Well, we finish each other’s sentences and we both want the same amount of kids” type of ready. I’m talking about ready to be life partners with someone else. For life.

This article is for women who think they are ready to get married, but just need a little reassurance and advice to make sure they are on the right track. But this article is also for women who are confused and have no idea if they are ready or not.

My hope is that by the end of the article, you will either have reassurance about your relationship or confidence knowing what the next steps to take are. So when thinking about the next steps in your relationship, consider the following below:


1. You are secure in yourself and feel like a strong woman, and are not solely dependent on your significant other.

If you know you are beautiful and are comfortable with who you are, with or without your man, then you are heading in the right direction. If you solely feel beautiful because your partner tells you so, you need to learn how to be beautiful on your own.


2. You do not feel the need to change your partner.

If you feel good about your partner, and are not saying “Oh, he will change that once he gets married! Just not right now”, then you are set! Loving someone is loving their perfections and imperfections, not wanting to change everything about them.


3. You trust them.

You trust him with driving your car. You trust him with your money and your things. You trust him when he hangs out with his guys friends. You trust him around other girls. Trust, trust, trust. If you do not trust your partner, you are not ready to move forward.


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4. You talk openly about big kid things; money, the future, your relationship.

This is very important. If you are comfortable with talking to your other half about big kid things like money, your future together, the intimacy of your relationship, problems in your relationship, etc., then you are ready! This is not to say it should be easy, rather you do it to improve your relationship.


5. You have talked about marriage.

You probably are not ready to get married if you have not talked about marriage. But if you do want to talk about it, bring it up when you are ready.


6. You check with each other before you make plans.

I am not saying you have to feel the need to get permission every time you want to do something. Rather, that you check with them and what their plans are in case they had something else in mind and just never said anything. You need to take in the consideration of your soulmate and check with them.


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7. You understand why you want to get married.

This is also key. You need to understand that this is your future and not just a wedding. Learn your motives behind wanting to get married, and consider the benefits of moving your relationship to the next level, along with the cons as well.


8. You are willing to make lots of sacrifice.

Marriage is sacrificing yourself sometimes in order to benefit your spouse and to look out for their needs, not yours. So be ready to give up some things in order to grow your marriage as a couple together. Remember that there will need to be compromise, as well as give and take.


9. You are never paranoid about anything happening when you are not in town.

This goes back to the whole trust thing. Can you truly trust him when you are not with him twenty four seven? If you are hesitating with this question, then you seriously need to consider the position of the relationship, and should probably not head in the marriage direction at this point in life.


10. You miss each other.

Awwww! If you yearn for your better half when you are not together, and miss them when you are far apart, then you are on the right track. Missing each other is a good thing, and this should be happening if you are ready to be married!


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11. You learned to live on your own and live your own life.

Life experience is a great thing, and it is an additional bonus if you have learned to live life on your own for awhile. Not only do you benefit from learning finances, taxes, work load, social life, etc., on your own, but you also grow as a person and grow as an individual as well.


12. You feel your honey’s emotions.

When they are sad, you are sad. When they are happy, you are happy for them. Learning to be empathetic and in tune with your better half’s emotions is a big deal!


13. You have the same values and principles.

This is something to consider when thinking about the future. If you have very different values and morals, how will you raise your kids? Who will they listen to? If the difference in values causes issues before you get married, it will not get better. So be sure to take this into consideration.


14. You do not just want a wedding, you want a future!

Amen. If you are just antsy to wear a pretty dress or flash a gorgeous ring in the face of the next person that flirts with you or whistles at you, then you might not be ready for the long term after the wedding. Be confident in your motives behind why you want to get married, and make sure the same goes for your partner as well!

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