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15 Mom/Daughter Dates Everyone Should Go On Once

When was the last time you and your mom went on a date?

Is your mom your best friend? Do you wish that you had some fun ways to spend more time with her? No matter how close you are with your mother, these date ideas are the perfect way to solidify a bond or grow even closer with an existing one. Which date would you want to try first?

Visit A Big City

Why not take some quality time to go with your mom to a new place? I went to New York City with my mom a couple of summers ago, and we had an absolute blast! It’s a great way to get away from all the stress of your life and make some fun memories with your mom.

Cook A Meal Together

If your mother is anything like mine, they might encourage you to cook more than you’d like. But, moms are excellent at cooking. Many of the dishes she can teach you to make are unique to your childhood alone. So, instead of whining, maybe take some time to ask your mom to teach your her cooking secrets some weekend.

Head To The Spa

Spend a day pampering yourselves together. Get facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, the whole nine yards. And besides, who can you relax with better than your mom?

Take A Painting Class

Why not sign up to start a new hobby with each other while you’re at it? You can sign up to take an art class, pottery class, or a dance class in your local community. Who knows? Maybe the mural you’ll create together will be the perfect fit for your dining room.

Take Zumba Together

Nothing is funnier and more fun than shaking a tail feather with your mother. Sign up to go to an exercise class together. They are the one person you really can’t be embarrassed around. And this is the perfect opportunity to see if your mom’s hips don’t lie. 

Shop for No Reason

This is the one item on the list that all daughters have done with their mothers. Because what respectable woman doesn’t love to shop until they drop sometimes? But, take some time to take a shopping spree with mom. Plus, she might just buy you some of those goodies you’ve been eyeing.

Watch A Great Movie

Go to see a movie just the two of you. It could be a cheesy romantic comedy, an action flick, or a guilty pleasure film. Don’t be afraid to complete the evening by eating a big bucket of popcorn. There is nothing quite like stuffing your face full of buttery movie theater popcorn with someone who won’t judge you.

Take A Winery Tour

Are you and your mom both wineaholics? Then why not check out a local vineyard or winery. This is an excellent opportunity to taste great wine, and even save some for a time you spend together later. And how fun would it be to get tipsy off wine with your mom? 

Go Hiking

Are you and your mom both outdoorsy people? Why not try hiking or biking outdoors? With the fall weather quickly changing the leaves around us, this crisp weather is the perfect time to get outside with someone you love. Don’t be afraid to try a camping trip or kayaking if weather permits.

Take A Cruise

Why not spend some time together while getting a tan? Nothing bonds moms and daughters like sitting on the beach, people watching, and reading some good books. So book a trip with your mom today to just relax and enjoy.

Look At Old Pictures

It’s important to learn about how your mom grew up and some of her funny high school moments. Take some time to go down memory lane with her, or you’ll regret it. Look at her old yearbooks, scrapbooks, and even talk to her about what you were like as a baby or toddler.

Watch Old Musicals For A Day

On a cold winter or rainy day, take some time to just veg out with your mom. Watch those cheesy 50’s movies and musicals together, or anything that is feel good. My mom and I watch Meet Me In St. Louis every single Christmas, and it all started because we watched it one cold winter morning.

Get Dolled Up 

Why not spend a day getting makeovers at Sephora, getting your hair cut, or dressing well? Take some time to get gussied up with your momma, and then treat yourselves to a delicious dinner afterward. You’ll  definitely be turning heads everywhere you go.

Eat, Eat, Eat.

Spend a day just eating your favorite foods with your mother. No carb should be left behind.

Have A Heart To Heart

This should preferably be spent with a gallon of your favorite ice cream. But, your mom should be a person who has seen you at your highest and your lowest. Come to her when you need to have a good cry or to celebrate. Stay up for hours just sitting on her bed talking. Remember that you are never too old for your mother’s lap.  Moms are one of this life’s most precious gifts, don’t waste the time that you have with yours. 


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