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15 Signs You’ve Found Your Best Friend Forever and Ever

Because your best friend is the ultimate best friend.

Everyone thinks that their best friend is the best of all best friends. Maybe you think that you and your best friend defy #BFFgoals, and are perfect for one another. There is one thing we all can agree on, our best friends are perfect for us. So how can you tell that you found your best friend for ever and ever??

They Get Your Sense Of Humor

Even if you say something that is not funny or tweet something stupid, they are right there to laugh with you or favorite it. You guys crack each other up, literally and over text. Even if you aren’t hilarious to anyone else, you are to them.

They Give Great Advice

And not just the advice that you want to hear either. If they think that you should give up on that guy or job, then you should probably listen to them. They always have your back and are willing to give up hours of their day or night to talk to you about a problem you’re having.

They Know Your Love Language

I have practically trained my best friend to know and interact with me using my love languages. But if you need to cuddle, they cuddle, if you need affirmation, they send you a thoughtful note, if they know you need quality time, they are always around.

They Have Seen You At Your Worst And Best

And they love you equally at both. That means they’ve held your hair when you’ve been drunk, held your hand through break ups, and cried when you’ve been hurt. They are also your biggest cheerleaders, the first to congratulate you, and never are jealous of your success.

You Share Closets

Now you might not always look alike, but you have similar fashion tastes. Similar enough that you can share each other’s clothing and shoes. Are you really best friends if you don’t gain another closet?

They Pamper You

You guys aren’t afraid to, “treat yourselves,” whenever you’re together. That doesn’t mean you shop until you’re broke, but you aren’t afraid to buy that extra large brownie or cute top when you’re together. And, they often treat you with gifts they know you’ll love just because. Your best friend should know exactly what you need to brighten up your day.

They Hate The Same People

Have an ex-boyfriend that cheated on you or a girl in college who was mean to you? They hate them too. And are constantly on board with your complaints about said person. And if they’ve had similar experiences with other people, you hate them too.

They Never Discourage You From Eating

Real friends don’t push other friends to diet. They compliment your figure and are right there with you when you reach for that extra slice of pizza. You can eat whatever you want in front of them and feel completely comfortable. Not to mention, they are always game to order dessert or that Chinese food you’ve been craving.

They Stalk With You

Whether that be online, at the mall, or that cute guy in your office, they know all about his social media accounts. They are discrete and can help you find his first-grade teacher in seconds. And don’t even get me started on celebrity crushes.

Distance Has Nothing On You

Live in different states or across the country from one another? No problem. You talk every day, they are still the first person you tell your embarrassing stories to, and you hear their voice at least once a week. Not to mention you have some pretty epic adventures when you finally reunite.

You Can Tell Them Anything

You never have to worry about them talking badly about you or repeating a secret you confided to them. They would rather die than betray you. So don’t be afraid to tell them all your deep dark secrets, oh wait they already know them anyway.

They Defend You

Is another friend questioning your life choices? Is someone in your group talking badly about you? They are quick to react and set the record straight. No one talks about your best friend, that’s for sure.

Boys Don’t Get In The Way

Is your best friend married or in a serious relationship? No problem.  Your relationship doesn’t change. You are still just as close, and your men understand that your relationship takes priority. You would never think or dream about dating your best friend’s ex, and the same is true with you.

You Can Do Nothing Together

You are perfectly content going out or staying in. Whatever you choose to do, you have fun because you are together. Do you need someone to have a chick flick movie night with? Or check out the latest bar? They are by your side.

They Compliment You

You don’t have a friendship that is littered with pettiness or jealousy. When your best friend looks amazing, you make sure she knows, and vice versa. She tells you when you did an excellent job at work or how great of a friend you are. And they don’t just say they love you and how much you mean to them on their birthday or Christmas, they do it on the regular.

I hope that these signs helped reveal if you and your best friends are meant to last forever! Feel free to share this with your bestie on Facebook!

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