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15 things to do TODAY to improve the quality of your marriage

One of the biggest joys in life is having a happy, healthy marriage that is full of love. To get on your way to a goal-worthy marriage, you can be proactive and start today by doing these 15 simple acts every day.

1. Appreciate Each Other

By telling your spouse every day that you appreciate them and love having them in your life, your marriage will be one of mutual respect and encouragement.

2. Show PDA

Taking your affection from private to public, within reason, you will be publicly declaring that you are with someone that you love and are not looking for anyone else.

3. Ask About Each Other’s Day

Showing that you have interest in what has happened that day is a great way to show you care and is an excellent way to open up communication between the two of you.

4. Kiss Before Work

Sending your spouse off to work with a kiss each morning is a great way to start the day. Studies show that married couples who kiss before work every morning are known to have stronger and healthier marriages.

5. Jot Down Notes

Take time to jot a note of encouragement down for your spouse. You can write what your favorite thing is about them, an encouraging note to start their day, etc., get creative with it!

6. Walk While Fighting

Walking is known to reduce stress and anxiety, so combining that with you and your spouse disagreeing will allow you two to blow off some steam naturally without taking it out on one another.

7. Be Romantic

Performing romantic gestures helps keep the love alive in a marriage. Send flowers to their work or have a candlelit dinner, any of these acts will keep the chemistry going between you and your spouse.

8. Go on Adventures

By exploring new places together, you guys will add an exciting element to your relationship. Not only will you have tons of fun, but you will come back with amazing stories to tell your friends and family.

9. Discover a Shared Interest

Discovering a shared interest and passion will ignite a new part of your love for one another. You will be able to fully enjoy activities that you both find exhilarating, thus making your marriage more exciting.

10. Apologize

Saying sorry is super hard, especially if you think that you were right. Take one for the team and apologize if your argument us at a halt. This shows that you put your spouse’s needs before your own and you are willing to lower your ego.

11. Laugh

Either laughing at a funny movie or at each other’s jokes, any form of laughter is sure to strengthen your relationship with your spouse. So crack open that joke book and start laughing your way to a better marriage.

12. Have Sex

Having sex creates a physical as well as an emotional connection between you and your spouse. This is a vital key of a happy marriage because it is only meant to be shared between the two of you and no one else.

13. Go on Dates

After getting married, or even engaged, it is easy to forget to go on dates. This is valuable time spent with your spouse is fun and will be  a time to learn more about each other, even if you don’t think that that is possible.

14. Imagine Losing Them

This is morbid, but if you find yourself fighting with each other and you just can’t see a silver lining, imagine losing them. Take it seriously and imagine them leaving and getting in a car accident. This will put perspective on things.

15. Have Alone Time

Even though it may be hard to be alone when you are living with someone. It is important to take some time to yourself and work out your emotions. It is also good to go out and do something you like. See that new chick flick, take a painting class, etc. Time spent by yourself will help clear your head.

The key to a healthy marriage is communication. You are living with one another and it is considerate to let they other know what you are doing where and when. This will leave little confusion in your marriage and allow love to bloom.

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