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19 Wedding Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Your Big Day

All eyes will be on your hair.

Are you having trouble trying to figure out how to wear your hair on your big day? It’s a big decision! With so many photo opportunities and eye balls trained on you throughout the day, you want to look your best. Here are some of our favorite wedding hairstyles that are perfect for any hair!


This is a classic wedding hairstyle that is available in a variety of different options. A popular style in today’s world would be to have updos that are very loose and appear to falling out. However, there are many intricate braids, curls, and loops that can help to create an elaborate updo for your big day.

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Half Up Half Down

This is a great option for wedding photos. You can still do many intricate and unique styles with this hair trend, but without fearing that your elaborate masterpiece will fall out when you are breaking it down on the dance floor. These options can also be perfect for brides that have shorter to medium length hair.

hairstyles hairstyles hairstyles

Completely Down

Now, this is a hairstyle that can be beautiful, but tricky to master on your big day. Be careful that your hair doesn’t fall out during the day or get snagged on your flowers or dress. But, if mastered correctly, it can be stunning.

hairstyles hairstyles hairstyles

Short Hair Don’t Care

Stressed out about how to style your shorter locks? Don’t be! Here are some fabulous trends that will help your hair to look amazing on your big day!

hairstyles hairstyles hairstyles



One of the biggest hair trends of the past couple of years has been to wear flowers in some way in your hair on your big day. They can add a fun and girly addition to your already stunning hairstyle. Check out the photos below for some fresh and new ideas!

hairstyles hairstyles hairstyles hairstyles



Though people have gone away from wearing veils in recent years, it is still a very traditional and respected part of a wedding. For those brides out there who think that wearing a veil is outdated, you might want to check these photos out!

hairstyles hairstyles hairstyles


I hope that these gorgeous hairstyles can inspire you as you look towards your big day!


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