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17 Relatable Must See Wedding Gifs

Every bride is different in their own way, but there are things that happen to all of us as we get ready, prepare, and experience our wedding. Here are must-see wedding gifs that are sure to make you giggle and feel understood.

1. The Freak Out

When you first tell your friends that he finally popped the question and you guys cannot keep your cool.

2. Finding the Perf Dress

When you find the perfect dress and say goodbye to it momentarily for alterations.

3. When Your Planning

Whenever your mother in law tries to “suggest” things and tries to take over the wedding by voicing unreasonable opinions.

4. That One Friend

That one friend that you can always count on to get the party started and who will most likely be the first to pass out after one too many drinks.

5. When Your Venue is Booked

When the venue you want is already booked for the day you wanted to have your wedding day on. Now you are faced with either having to change the date or give up the perfect venue.

6. Finding Another Bride

When you find another engaged bride and you now have someone who completely understands you even though you have never hung out before.

7. Deciding on a Cake

That precious time of going to cake vendors and solely focusing on eating cake for a day.

8. Making Decisions

When everyone keeps asking you millions of questions about what your wedding theme is and how wedding planning is going.

9. The Realization

When you want to give up but then you see the big picture and realizing that you are doing all of this because you will be marrying your best friend.

10. When You See Your Fiancé

When your week has been insanely crazy and you finally see your boo.

11. The Day Before

It is the day before the wedding and you are thinking of all of the things that you could have forgotten to do. Then you freak out even more cause you realize you are getting married tomorrow.

12. When Drama Happens

When one of your bridesmaids starts drama and you will not stand for it because your wedding is about to happen.

13. Trying to get the Bod

You want the perfect body to be able to squeeze into your wedding gown so you decide to work out, but the everything keeps going wrong.

14. Walking Down the Aisle

When you see your fiancé waiting for you at the end of the aisle looking all handsome and you almost faint.

15. That Look

When you both realize what is happening and are super excited.

16. Magic of the Reception

When you and your husband have your first dance and everything is perfect. It is a moment that you will always remember.

17. The End Wedding Gifs

This is really what you and your new husband have been looking forward to the whole day.

The journey leading up to your wedding and following your wedding is one that will change your life. You tackle planning the biggest party of your life in a year while preparing yourself for making the biggest decision of your life. Although these moments may seem stressful, they are ones to treasure because it is a time where you are surrounded by friends and family.

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