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20 Unromantic Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

We’ve all seen the cheesy checklists for soulmates that include items like “you get butterflies when you see your partner,” but those types of lists aren’t really good for figuring out if your relationship will really last. Instead, you can actually tell if someone is your soulmate because they meet some decidedly unromantic qualifications. As long as your future spouse meets most of these signs, you won’t have to worry about getting cold feet before your wedding.

1. Your favorite keepsakes are their notes, not their presents.
Though a good soulmate probably has given you a few fancy gifts by now, you can’t resist hanging on to the random goofy notes and heartfelt cards they’ve given you.

2. You turn down fancy dates to just hang out together at home.
When you’re with your soulmate, you don’t need an expensive dinner to spend quality time together. In fact, it will sometimes be more fun to just cuddle on the couch with takeout boxes.

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3. You don’t gross out friends and family with your PDA.
As your relationship deepens and strengthens, you’ll probably find that you aren’t constantly kissing and groping each other in public. At this point, inside jokes, silly faces, and secret smiles across crowded rooms will have even more meaning for you than PDA.

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4. You aren’t disgusted by them when they’re feeling rough.
Though you would probably feel queasy if a random stranger started vomiting, this does not happen with your partner. Instead, you are too busy feeling concerned and taking care of them to get grossed out.

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5. You are honest about being annoyed with each other.
Because you are so confident in your relationship, you and your partner won‘t be afraid that the relationship will end with a minor criticism. Instead of hiding feelings of frustration or annoyance, you talk about it openly and work together to find a solution.

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6. Never worrying what you look like when you hang out together.
A true soulmate will not make you feel uneasy or self-conscious about your looks. Instead, you will always be confident that they find you attractive, even if you’re wearing ratty old yoga pants and a torn t-shirt.

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7. They surprise you with snacks instead of flowers.
Flowers might be a nice gift, but it is even more meaningful when your partner sees your favorite treat and surprises you with it just so they can see your enthusiasm.

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8. Their silly quirks seem adorable to you.
Your partner’s whistling or obsessive neatness might seem obnoxious to other people, but it actually seems cute to you. Instead of loving them despite these habits, you love them because of these habits.

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9. Even boring stuff is fun when you do it together.
Anytime you spend with your soulmate becomes enjoyable. Even waiting for an appointment or cleaning the house together can be just as enjoyable as a fancy date when you’re with your soulmate.

cleaning clean movies clean up cleaning up


10. You don’t always have to talk to each other.
You and your soulmate are not always feeling pressured to talk to each other. Sometimes, just sitting silently together in the same room is reassuring instead of feeling weird.

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11. You have your own made up words or your own secret hand shake.
After spending so long together, you will be able to make the other person giggle, blush, or feel loved with just a few made up words or goofy phrases that have a special meaning in your relationship, or simply with special hand shake only the two of you know.

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12. They call you out on what you need to be called out on.
A real life partner is not afraid to be honest, even if they know their opinion might bother you. A good soulmate will give you honest advice that helps you to become a better person instead of lying to make you feel good.

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13. You laugh together at inappropriate times.
When everyone else is being serious, one glance from your partner has probably made you burst out laughing at a random time. You have so much fun together that it can be hard to stay serious.

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14. You talk about gross stuff.
Instead of hiding bodily functions and other gross things, you openly share them with your partner.

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15. You don’t have to worry about being cute.
When you’re eating with your soulmate, you don’t feel like you have to daintily pick at your salad. Instead, you confidently chow down on messy ribs and sloppy sandwiches just like your partner does.

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16. Your pet names aren’t always mushy.
You may still call each other “dear” or “darling,” but by now, a lot of your special nicknames will be inside jokes or silly titles instead.

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17. Seeing them sleep makes you love them even more.
No one looks pretty when they’re snoring and drooling on a pillow, but somehow, you find your partner completely adorable whenever they sleep.

while you were sleeping


18. They support you without coddling you.
When you’re feeling down, your soulmate will always be there to encourage you and give you pep talks. However, they will never lie to you or be overly optimistic.

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19. You would never dream of watching certain tv shows by yourself.
You and your partner know that the ultimate betrayal would be watching ahead in that one special tv show you both love. You always wait to watch it together.

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20. You don’t hold onto old grudges.
When an old argument or problem in your relationship gets brought up, it does not make you start a new argument. Instead, you and your partner can laugh about past disagreements and learn from old mistakes.




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