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20 Ways to Say I Love You Without Actually Speaking

Saying I love you is a sentiment that is life changing and a special moment in everyones lives, but actions do speak louder than words. Here are some cute ways that you can tell your loved one that you love them without actually saying “I love you”.

1. Hold Hands

This sweet action will show your loved one that you treasure them and yearn for contact. Holding someones hand shows them that you are there for them with love and support.

2. Be Chivalrous

Even if you don’t wear the pants in the relationship, being respectful of each others needs is a way to show that you are always looking out for the other.

3. Do Chores

No one likes to do chores, so instead of playing the waiting game of who is going to clean the bathtub first, dive into the chores to show that you are willing to sacrifice for the needs of your loved one.

4. Hug it Out

Everyone has emotional problems and needs a hug every once in a while, by hugging your loved one you will be representing the stability and support of your relationship.

5. Be Spontaneous

Plan a spontaneous date to go get ice cream or go mini golfing. This act will show that you value time spent together and are always left wanting more.

6. Breakfast in Bed

Surprising you loved one with breakfast in bed is an act that requires time and self control to get up earlier than your partner. Have it on a morning with no plans where you can relax in bed and watch movies all day.

7. Surprise them at Work

If your loved one has a job that is fairly flexible, try and surprise them at work with either going out for lunch or just joining them on one of their breaks. They are sure to love it.

8. Leave Notes

Leaving a sticky note here and there saying that you love them and thinking of them is sure to make your spouse feel loved and cherished.

9. Encourage Them

Tell them what you love about them and what their best traits are. You can also encourage them in whatever venture they are currently pursuing to show them that you will always be their #1 fan.

10. Learn their Coffee Preferences

Nothing says I love you like knowing how your loved one likes their coffee and tea. Display this gift by going to Starbucks and surprising them with their favorite order.

11. Send Texts

Sending texts throughout the day shows them that they are always one your mind and that they hold a special place in your heart. Even if it is just a text asking what they want for dinner, it will make them feel warm and fuzzy inside.

12. Let them Pick the Movie

Not everyone is as into chick flicks as us, so give your guy a break and let him pick whatever action packed movie he wants on your movie night. Who knows, you might even like it a little bit.

13. Ask them to Run Errands with You

By asking them to run errands with you, they are shown that you enjoy their company and want them around for even the minor things in life, like buying a frozen pizza for dinner.

14. Ask them Questions

It is easy to tell them all about your problems and your issues, but dig deeper and ask them about their issues and how their day is going. They will leave the conversation feeling understood and appreciated.\

15. Buy them a Present

If you are out shopping and you see something that reminds you of them or that you know that they would love, pick it up and give it to them as a spontaneous presents.

16. Write a Letter

Write your loved one a letter saying how important they are to you and how they have impacted your life. Appreciation is something that is easy to give and great to receive.

17. Fold their Laundry

If they have a load in the dryer and you have some free time, fold their laundry and put it away for them. This is one less thing for them to worry about and one more thing to love you for.

18. Share a Story

Tell them an extremely embarrassing story that happened to you that not many people know. Not only will it result in laughter, but it will also result in them feeling trustworthy.

19. Cook them Dinner

Cook them their favorite dinner. Whether its simple, like mac and cheese, or complicated, like surf and turf, put effort into making their night by surprising them with their favorite meal.

20. Kiss them

Whether its a sweet peck or a passionate kiss, kissing them will show how much you love them. A kiss is a simple gesture that doesn’t require a reason or timing, it only requires love for that person.

Whatever you do to show your loved one that you love and cherish them, they are going to appreciate it because it shows that you went out of your way to make them happy. Showing them that you value their happiness over their own is the ultimate sign of love.

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