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Dear Dad, Thank You

Dear Dad, Thank You

Dear Dad,

We both knew this day was coming. The day another man would enter my life and you’d be forced to share your little girl. Thinking back on the last 23 years it has always been me and you. I was your “Scooter”, as you’d always call me. I remember going on school field trips with you by my side and all the other kids giving me weird looks as you’d call me Scooter, and I’d quickly respond without hesitation. I’d get so embarrassed but on the inside my heart would smile.

I can only image how you felt as you sat with him and he asked you for my hand in marriage. I’m sure your heart broke as you held back tears and muttered “yes.” Saying yes to giving away the person you love most, means you think I found someone worthy enough to take care of me, the way you feel I deserve.

1959459_10208566364986063_7923425969103343662_nMy wonderful man, who loves me just as much as I love him, is the man who I see so much of you in. He loves deeply and doesn’t give up. He is caring and compassionate and will always tell me that I’m beautiful and worthy. He opens every door and always reminds me of how loved I am and will never let me doubt it. He will love our children and be an extraordinary father, raising any daughters of ours to know what they deserve and any sons to be a true gentleman. He is everything you always reminded me that I deserved. He is the man your love led me to, because he has the same values and beliefs you have instilled in me.

I know Dan and I have hit our bumps in the road, we have had times where we fought, where we weren’t the best to each other, but through growth and maturity, we are made for one another. Believe me when I tell you how right this man is for me. How adored and cherished he makes me feel. Know that with him, I never spend a day questioning how he feels about me. Know that every word spoken is completely respectful and every kiss shared is pure passion.

I know we won’t make it to the end of the aisle without shedding many tears. But you should know the man that stands before us, is only there because he has some of the great attributes you have.

You set an amazing example

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I spent many hours wondering if there could possibly be another man out there who treats me as well as you do. And with a lot of trial and error and tears shed over the wrong men in my past, you always held me, reassuring me that pain always goes away. You hated the men that at the time my heart couldn’t. Although tears have been shed over Dan, he was always the one guy you never “hated”. You always gave him a chance because you could see what he did for me. You saw the light in my eye that was so dim when he wasn’t around. You saw the person that I was, when he was in my life and when I was without him in my life. I’m so happy that I finally got it right. Although it killed you to see me cry, I’m sure it also kills you to know that I won’t need that comfort anymore. But I know you will hand me off, confident that the man standing before us, has enough love for me to last a lifetime.

Please don’t think I don’t need you anymore though. I will ALWAYS need you, dad. I know what love is because of the unconditional love that you have always given me, I believe in love because of you. You might be handing me off to my future, but don’t forget that you are the first man I’ve ever loved, and there isn’t anything more special then that.

I will always be your little girl

As the lights go down and “My Little Girl” starts to play, and you hold me in your arms out on that dance floor, I know flashbacks will start to flood your mind. All of the times you have held me in your arms, from the day you heard the words “would you like to hold your little girl Mr. Urban” to the day I sobbed in your arms over a broken heart. To all the nights you’d watch me sleep and pray that I’d stay little forever. I know you will cry, and I know I will too. I also know how hard this will be for you, how fast I have grown, the woman I’ve turned into. But please know I will always be your “Scooter.”Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.50.07 AMScreen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.51.20 AM

Thank you dad, thank you for every family vacation. Thank you for working your butt off to build us the perfect home to grow up in. Thank you for all of the laughter and smiles. For believing in my dreams even when I struggled to believe in them myself. Thank you for never judging me and always loving me, even through mistakes I have made. Thank you for giving me my love of football, and acting like a fool with me every time our team scored. For all the father daughter dates at the Waterfront. Thank you for all the times you took care of my dog when I had to work over time. Thank you for being the best example of a man a little girl could need. Thank you for being you.

In one year, you walk me down the aisle, I will kiss your cheek and step to my future. But know I will never forget the love you have shown me, you were my first love, my first friend, my whole heart.


“My loves you, dad”

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Cara Evans

Cara is the site manager for OurStart. She is married to the love of her life and they are expecting a beautiful baby boy. In her free time she loves to take her dog on hikes, and enjoy the outdoors. She is also looking forward to the new upcoming memories with her husband and son.

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