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Mom Heard the Baby Giggling, Was Shocked When She Found Out Why

Mom Heard the Baby Giggling, Was Shocked When She Found Out Why

Mom was just walking around the house doing chores and getting some stuff done. Her baby was sitting in the other room and she started to hear her giggling. Confused as to what he could be giggling at when she was in the room alone her mom went to check out what was going on. She walked into the room to one cute scene! She immediately had to pull out her phone and recorded a video!

She saw her large German Shepherd dog watching over her little boy, almost has if he was her babysitter or her guardian angel. The dog grabbed a green squeaky top and proceeded to try to play with the little boy keeping his occupied while mom was doing stuff around the house.

It clear to see that dogs ARE part of the family, and this dog was lovingly watching over and playing with his little brother. It’s very clear that the two share a very special bond!

Watch as the baby boy laughs when he hears the squeaky noise. Pretty soon, the entire room is filled with the most adorable baby giggles as the toy squeaks in an endearing manner. As a soon to be mother, I appreciate videos like this, it makes me so excited for my little boy to be here and watch him and our lab play together! I know their bond will be just as strong as these two in the video!

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