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25 Romantic Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas

Whether you’re on a budget or simply looking for an alternative to a night out on the town, “at home” is by far the best date spot. It’s comfy, it’s intimate, and best of all, it’s yours! There are numerous ways to enjoy a date night in, and here are some of our favorites:

1. Make it a movie night.

This is definitely the most timeless date night activity, so why not put a fun spin on it? If you and your sweetheart are planning to curl up with movie, make it an immersive experience: prepare a snack or meal that goes with the movie’s setting, era, and overall theme, maybe even add some ambient lighting, scents, and decorations.

2. Keep it in the kitchen.

Cooking with a loved one is a truly rich and romantic experience, and with the chaos of daily schedules and demands, it’s not often that we can find time to prepare a meal worth lingering over long into the night.

3. Garden party for two.

If you have access to a private outdoor space and the weather is nice, string up some lights, stir up some cocktails, and enjoy your own relaxing evening getaway.

4. Bring the spa home.

There’s nothing like a good spa pampering, and with the variety of lush accouterments available today, there’s no reason you can’t savor the experience from your own home. Set up a “spa space” with candles, creams, scrubs, and other luxuries and top it off with a long bath afterwards.

5. Get your poker face on.

Poker is an easy to learn and naughtily fun game. You can gamble with anything from poker chips to cookies to clothes, or cold hard cash. (If playing for money, make an agreement that the loser treats you both!)

6. Home improvement with your honey.

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Painting walls and repairing fixtures doesn’t have to be a dreaded weekend chore–why not make it a party? Whip up some finger foods, blast some good tunes, and make the most of beautifying your abode.

7. Flex your creative muscles.

If you seldom have time during the day to work on various projects and crafts, and yearn to explore your artistic side, set up some canvases or desired materials and work on your masterpieces side by side.

8. Private dance party.

You don’t have to hit up the club to break out your moves, just push the furniture aside, lower the lights, and be each other’s DJ. Spice up the night with some instructional tango videos, or keep it classy by learning some ballroom moves.

9. DIY photoshoot.

Why should celebrities get all the good lighting? Set up your own photo shoot using your own wardrobe and props, and make it as sexy or chic as you want. If you really want the pro factor, look into the many free online photo editing programs you can run your pics through for a Vogue-worthy effect.

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10. Yoga time.

Lay down some mats and convert your living room into a yoga studio for two. Trust us, yoga can be very intimate and romantic!

11. Set up camp inside.

Is there anything more enchanting than indoor camping? Make a tent, lower the lights, throw on some nature sounds, and share a plate of s’mores without venturing into the great outdoors.

12. Make it fancy, sans the bill.

You don’t have to fork over a week’s pay to enjoy an upscale dinner for two. Dress in your finest, set the table with white linen and candles, and make that home cooked meal the envy of your friends.

13. Snowy fun.

Snowed in? Perfect! Whip up some hot cocoa, bundle up, and build a snowman in the silent night. If you have a fireplace, cuddle up after and thaw together.

14. DIY massages.

A partner massage is a heavenly experience, and a date night at home is the perfect time to break out the oils and soothing music and reap the rewards of a hard day’s work.

15. Show Guinness what you’re made of–and we’re not talking beer!

If you’re feeling bold, get the Guinness Book of World Records and see what record you and your partner can break. (It goes without saying, be careful! Kissing records are generally the best to start with.)

16. Game night nostalgia.

Revisit the games you loved as a kid, from Twister to Candyland and everything in between. Indulge in favorite childhood snacks for added fun(but beware of the sugar rush at stake!)

17. Book club for two.

Select a book for each of you to read and host a book club night to discuss. You might be surprised at what you learn from each other.

18. Armchair travelers–for now.

Have the two of you always wanted to get away? Well, why not devote your date night at home to planning that dream vacation? Spread out the map over dinner and wine and discuss where you’d like to go, what you can do and see, and how to make it happen.

19. Cheese with that wine?

Skip the hoity toity and shop for your favorite cheeses and wines to spread out and sample at your leisure.

20. Get brewing.

At-home beer brewing kits are all the rage right now, with easy directions and an assortment of varieties to choose from. If you are not a big fan of alcohol, try brewing your own iced coffees or making some tea!

21. …or fonduing.

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Set up the fondue pot and indulge in your favorite fruits, candies, and savories. (Surprise each other with your selections!)

22. Serenade each other.

If karaoke is a bit much but you still want to croon your #1 tunes, make up your own special playlists and sing your hearts out to each other.

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23. Stargaze.

Set up a telescope and pour over your star charts, you may spot some truly amazing action up in the skies!

24. Have a nighttime picnic.

A picnic under the stars is the epitome of romantic. Spread a blanket out on the lawn and share your meal by moonlight.

25. Make the most of the holidays.

The holidays are a perfect time to enjoy each other’s company and share in your favorite traditions. Trimming the tree, making Halloween costumes, and coloring eggs are just the beginning. Exploring other cultural festivities and highlights, maybe even incorporating a few into your holiday activities, is a meaningful way to connect.

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