3 Reasons Why Pokémon Go at Your Wedding Is Totally Okay

Image source: rupertmarlow.com

Some of you may think I am crazy.

But yet you are continuing to read anyway, so you are somehow intrigued. And that is okay.

Pokémon Go is a brand new GPS app game that was launched in early July 2016. Niantic probably had no idea that it would blow up as big as it has, but it definitely has and there is no stopping it now! The amazing thing is, Pokémon Go is not only reaching Pokémon players and lovers from the past, but is sucking in kids nowadays that have never even heard of Pokémon. That is how addicting it is!

In this unique and fun game, the player creates their own avatar and character, and then is launched into an enthralling GPS adventure where they run around to collect Pokémon. But that is what is awesome! You have to walk around, whether it be indoors or outdoors, to move your avatar in the game. Your phone will then depict an image on your phone, making it look like there is a Pokémon, when you have found one. Your goal is to go around and collect as many Pokémons as possible, and there are obvious incentives and prizes the farther you go.

Image Source: theverge.com
Image Source: theverge.com

We have reached virtual reality gaming everyone.

And while I am not a Pokéman guru myself, I do believe there are actually some fun benefits to playing this game. While there are cons (as there is to everything when it comes to apps), there are plenty of pros! So whether you take this list seriously, or just find it humorous, enjoy this reasoning as to why Pokémon Go should totally be acceptable at your wedding. Whether it be the guests enjoying it, or you and the bridal party playing your little hearts out!


1. Your little ones will be entertained.

Image Source: ww2.kqed.org
Image Source: ww2.kqed.org

Younger kids can be quite the hassle at weddings. While many parents would argue that giving kids their phones is not the way of providing them with proper, childhood entertainment, it is a completely different story when it comes to Pokémon Go. This game gives kids the interaction and exercise they need! Walking around trying to find Pokémons during the cocktail hour may be just the thing to keep them busy and distracted.


2. It will make one heck of a memory.

Image Source: theverge.com
Image Source: theverge.com

Just like all other fads and popular apps, eventually this stage will fade out, and Pokémon Go will be just another Flappy Bird or Words With Friends. So why not have that be what makes your wedding a little extra special? With your guests entertained and having a good time, you can relax knowing everyone is comfortable and satisfied. Plus, if you are a Pokémon gamer and player, why not enjoy it yourself as well?

3. Tipsy guests + Pokémon Go = Pure Enjoyment.

Image Source: reddit.com
Image Source: reddit.com

Do not lie. You know it is funny (most of the time). When there are guests who have had a little too much to drink (and there will be those guests), it is always funny to see their following actions. So why not incorporate Pokémon Go a little bit? Give them your phone and see how their attempt goes at finding the Pokémons. Not only will it be entertaining, but it definitely will make for a great photo opportunity. It is their fault they drank too much, right?


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