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3 Must-Have Tips You Need If You’re Having A Dry Wedding

Who says you need to get drunk to have fun?

Are you thinking about having a dry wedding day? If you want to have a dry bar at your wedding, I’ve put together some helpful hints and tips for you.

Let Your Bridal Party and Family Members Know in Advance that it’s a Dry Wedding

Your closest friends and family members will help spread the news if you let them know your dry bar plans.  If you have people that won’t want to come if alcohol isn’t served, then it’s better for all to know in advance.  There most likely will be someone upset that they can’t have alcohol at your wedding.  But remember that your wedding should be about what you and your husband to be want.  Alcohol shouldn’t make or break a party.

Serve Alternative Tasty Drinks

I was just at a dry wedding that was lovely. They had two big pitchers filled with pink lemonade and lemon water. People still danced and had a great time.  And they drank a lot of lemonade.  I know because I was the one making the lemonade and filling the container all evening.  They were in line almost constantly for more, while laughing and celebrating.

Pink lemonade or punch looks festive and can be purchased in flavors that many people like.  You could still serve up the popular sodas, but by adding a beautiful container of lemonade or punch to the reception room, this will make it look more like a celebration.

Also, if you happen to like the taste of alcohol, just not the following effects, there are many mocktails and other alcoholic drinks you can make. These still taste great and will leave your guests able to drive home after your wedding.  Try putting soda or flavored juice in instead of alcohol to make these complete.

Consider a Morning or Afternoon Wedding

There is nothing wrong with an evening dry wedding, but let’s face it, a lot of people like to drink at night.  This might make it easier on your guests who drink to have it during the day.  If you are one of the few members of your family and friends that don’t drink, switching your wedding to an earlier time might help.  If the majority of your friends and family don’t drink then this won’t be a problem at all.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to apologize or feel bad for having a dry wedding. There are still many ways that you can accommodate your guests with drinks that taste good and won’t make you sick afterward. Be true to who you and your fiance are, and don’t let the opinions of others make you include something you don’t want or need at your wedding. So whether you choose to have a dry wedding or to have the alcohol flowing, I hope that you have a fantastic day you’ll be able to cherish forever.


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