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3 Ways To Tell If You’re Ready To Have A Baby

Are you ready to be a mom?

Are you wondering if now is the right time to start a family? Chances are, if you clicked on this article, that you just might be! I’ve put together a list of indicators you’ll want to consider before you expand your family.

You’re Married

If you are married, then you are set up to have your baby no matter what your financial status may look like, where you live, or where you plan to live. If you desire to have a child and wait for the perfect timing, that timing may never happen.  Or you may miss out on the chance.  Life happens, illnesses happen, so if you truly want to start a family, I wouldn’t wait for the perfect time.

If you are single and plan on getting married, it might not be the right time in my opinion and beliefs to have a baby.   Make sure the guy in your life is going to commit to you first. Also, make sure that this is something both you and your significant other would want outside the confines of marriage.

Baby On The Brain

If you’ve been thinking of having a baby and can’t get the thought out of your head, chances are it’s time to start your family.  Forget all the articles you’ve read and tests you may have seen or taken about when is the right time.  If you have a strong feeling of wanting to be a mom, then I’d trust that gut feeling more than any quiz or test you may have taken.  There will never be an absolutely perfect time to plan for a baby.  Careers change, jobs change, moves happen, and life goes on and on.  None of us know what is around the next corner.

Rank Your Baby as Important

In this culture, raising children often ranks way below a college degree, below world travel, and below a career.  In my opinion, your new child needs to rank number one.  If you don’t have time right now to make this baby your priority, then you might want to think about waiting. There is nothing wrong with taking some time to focus on your husband and career before you have children. And, likewise, there is nothing wrong with having a baby and not having your life entirely planned out. But be honest with yourself to see if you could and would want to provide for this child’s needs above anything else.

Final Thoughts

A baby is going to make your hands full.   So don’t get me wrong there.  It may be like a tornado hit your life just when all was smooth sailing.  If you want to be a mother though, your hands are also going to be full with tender moments on a daily basis.  These include rocking your baby to sleep, nurturing them, feeding them, and lots of kisses and hugs.  If those thoughts make your heart ache, it may be time.

If you are religious, it might help to pray about it. Talk about your choice with your husband and other families and friends. Weigh all your options. But, whatever you decide, you’ll be ready to be the Mom you need to be.

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