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The 4 Disagreements Every Marriage Experiences

Is your marriage safe from these arguments?

If you’ve dreamed of wedded bliss that is void of any arguments, you might want to prepare yourself for a different reality. With different opinions and different ways of doing life, it’s completely normal to disagree on some issues.  Today I’ve researched and will be covering the most popular disagreements that most marriages have.


How you spend your money is a tough topic.  Even two people with the same marriage and family goals will often disagree on this one.  Making a budget should help. Agree upon and then set aside how much money you will spend in different categories.  Groceries, fuel, leisure, vacations, and clothes are all things that you can make a budget for.  The biggest factor here is going to be holding each other accountable and following the budget guidelines.


This topic can range from having kids or not, to how many you hope for, to how you will bring them up.  Ideally, you’ve talked about some of this before you got married. But even if you did and you agreed on having kids and how many, there may be conflicts coming up on how you bring them up.  If you aren’t standing together on the major issues, your kids will pick up on it from a young age.


I know a married couple that voted two different ways for our President.  One voted for one while the other voted for the other.  How they handled it though, was to joke by saying, “One year we should stay home as we are just canceling out each other’s votes.”  Politics are going to be a hot topic in your household if you disagree.  Try to give each other respect and value their opinions even if you disagree.


This is a big one.  If you have opposing views on religion, you should be careful on this one before saying I do.  It can quickly become more complicated when you are married if you disagree on this topic.  If you have children, how will you raise them?  Are you going to be arguing in front of them as to whose faith is right?  For those that enter marriage with different beliefs, this will become a topic of conflict.

Final Thoughts:

I hope that by knowing some hot conflict topics, it will help you to see that it is normal and ok to disagree on these issues.  It is going to be about how you handle these topics that will make all the difference.

For what you should discuss with your partner before you say I do, check out our article here. 

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