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4 Honeymoon Destinations For An Unconventional Bride

Because your honeymoon is just for you.

The big day is arriving, and you want everything to be perfect, from the flower arrangements, music, gowns, down to small details like wedding favors. But don’t forget to give the honeymoon details just as much attention.  A lot of the wedding details are for the guests to enjoy and remember your big day, but the honeymoon is just for you two newlyweds, so don’t neglect planning for it.

When considering your destination, you will want to take into account the season when you will be getting married. If it’s a winter wedding and you live in a cold climate, you may want a tropical getaway.  Or maybe a skiing trip is more your thing.  It’s not often that we get to pick our weather, but this is one of those few times.

Though unexpectedly storms can come up anywhere, you can almost choose the temperature that you’d like just by selecting the right location. Talk to your fiance about what you’d both enjoy doing on a honeymoon. Think about factors such as temperature, beaches or mountains, rest time, or maybe an adventure.  You’ll also have to consider your budget when choosing.

Once you decide what type of honeymoon you’d like, here are some honeymoon destinations that are a little more off the grid.

1. Sonoma, California


Sonoma, California offers thousands of miles of vineyards for the wine tasting buffs.  World class wines along with many choices for delicious foods would be ideal for connoisseurs.  Sonoma offers valleys of rolling green backdrops, Pacific Coastlines, and historic villages. This doesn’t even include the many spas and unique resorts all in proximity to the Golden Gate Bridge that are all yours to enjoy.

2. Yellowstone National Park


For the outdoor enthusiasts, Yellowstone National Park has something for everyone. You can soak in a naturally warm mineral spring as you gaze at a herd of buffalo.  Site seeing opportunities include waterfalls and famous geysers like Old Faithful that erupt like clockwork on a schedule.  Wildlife viewing includes elk, grizzly bears, black bears,  badgers, wolves and more.  This is truly a wildlife photographer’s dream destination.

Activity ideas for the newlyweds include hiking, climbing,  horseback riding, swimming, soaking in hot springs, rafting and more. For accommodations, you can choose from spas, traditional places like Old Faithful’s Historic Inn, rent a cabin, or bring a tent. With  2,219,789 acres to explore, this is a place that is guaranteed to keep adventurers entertained.

3. Antigua, West Indies


If a warm, tropical get away is more for you, consider Antigua in the West Indies. With its turquoise waters and beautiful beaches, Antiqua is the perfect relaxing vacation for newlyweds. There are many honeymoon resorts to choose from for all budgets.

Another option is neighboring Barbuda which is less populated in comparison to Antigua.  In either of these cities, you can go on a cruise, get your photo taken with sting rays, go shopping in St. Johns, or just stroll the many miles of beaches.

4. Telluride, Colorado


If the cold is more your style, you might want to take a trip to Colorado.  Telluride has many world class ski and golf resorts to choose from including Telluride’s Ski and Golf Club.  If you are a beginner skier don’t worry, the ski and golf club sites state that “nearly 60% of our terrain is the beginner or intermediate.”

Whatever your destination of choice is, have fun picking it out.  Looking at photos of options and reading about the places together is half the fun of going there.  Write down your budget and how long you will have to spend at your honeymoon destination.  Be open minded when searching.

An adventure get away might not be what you had in mind at first, but when you see and read about scuba diving opportunities or floating away in a balloon, you may reconsider.  The world is yours, and this is your time to enjoy and maybe even recuperate from the tiring task of wedding planning.  Enjoy, plan, and have fun!


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