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4 Ways To Become a More Flexible Mom

In a culture where there are a million things to do, deadlines to meet, and too many places to be, it’s easy to feel pressured. Moms try to accomplish all of these things by creating concrete schedules that we don’t want to be touched.

It can be easy to be stuck in our ways or become a tad (or a lot) tense. This leads us to become less flexible. It’s understandable; we have a lot on our plates.

But if you’re interested in being a more flexible mom,  read below to find four simple mom tips and tricks.

Pause and Reflect

flexible mom

If you feel like you need to have everything planned and become frazzled when something happens unexpectedly, this is for you. We cannot plan everything in life, especially as mothers. Things are going to happen that you cannot control. It’s part of life, and we just need to accept it.

Your in-laws may show up unannounced right as you were planning to do something fun with your kids. Maybe your baby spits up on her beautiful outfit.  Or perhaps your child found your expensive eyeliner and used it to draw all over the wall.

Each of these instances could produce a stressed or irritated mother, which would be totally understandable. But, you couldn’t control any of those circumstances, and yet, they still happened.

Instead of letting your emotions take over and feeling overwhelmed, you can pause and reflect. Before you react, think about what happened and why. Did you contribute in any way, like perhaps you left your makeup in an easy to reach spot? Reflect on how you can respond calmly. Then, let it go.

Let It Go

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Is the problem you encountered worth dwelling on?

Here’s another example: maybe you had an appointment that you were already rushing to because the baby had an accident and really needed to be changed. And then once you finally got on the road, you had to drive really, really slow because of construction. Think about if the problem is worth getting stressed about.

If it isn’t something you can control, let it go. But if there is something you need to solve, work on it and then let it go. Think about other things, find something else to work on, and put the problem into perspective.

My husband helps me conquer this one with a little humor. If I say something like “my legs hurt,” he’ll say “at least you have legs.” It always makes me laugh AND helps me put things into perspective, because yes, there are way more pressing issues than the ones I have at times.

Now I don’t mean to say you aren’t allowed to feel a certain way or that your problem isn’t important. But, some issues are blown out of proportion and they cause themselves way more stress than necessary.

Consider A Different Way

flexible mom

A great way to remain flexible as a mom is to remember that there are other ways of doing things. Be open to change and new perspectives.

It’s possible to train your brain to be open by simply trying new things. Driving a different route to go on your errands could be something new you try. You could order something you’ve never had from your favorite restaurant or even go to a new one altogether.

Try a new exercise, read a new book, etc. All of the new experiences will create neural pathways that will enhance the brain’s flexibility. Be spontaneous and remember there are different ways to do everything.

Be Free

flexible mom

Realize that you cannot control everything. This will give you the freedom to accept what comes your way. Some things are just not worth stressing over. Let your child (and spouse) be free too.

For example, if your baby is a messy eater, let him freely eat. Wipe him up at the end of the meal; be flexible in knowing that it is okay for your baby to get messy. There isn’t a need to continually wipe, as it will just cause your baby (and you) to become frustrated. (On a side note, babies SHOULD get messy because, in the messiness, they are experiencing the textures, smells, and tastes. They are learning!)

You cannot tackle everything in one day either. So, choose a few important tasks to accomplish and focus on those. Then give yourself freedom in knowing that you did what you could, so everything is okay.

Give yourself grace and remind yourself that all will work out in the end. You will not be perfect, neither will any other person or circumstance. You do not have to fill your schedule up until you can’t breathe. Make limits on outside activities for both you and your children. Have a positive attitude and freely accept change.

What Do You Think?

Becoming an easy-going mom may be easier said than done. But it is doable if you train your mind to accept the unknown. Being more flexible will help you to enjoy life and those around you.

Is there anything else you would add? How else can we become flexible?




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