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5 Beautiful Wedding Veils You Can Find Online That Don’t Cost A Fortune

What you wear on your wedding day might not be the most important element, but it’s up there. You’ll be talking about this day for years to come and showing pictures to friends, family, and your future children.

Now that you have your wedding dress picked out, you have to find a veil that will match. If you’ve done some shopping at bridal stores, you’ve likely noticed the extremely high price tag associated with thin, elegant wedding veils.

You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for the perfect wedding veil. You can find one online for a fraction of the price that’s the same style and quality. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of five wedding veils that won’t break the bank.

How We Choose Our Ratings

We strive for accuracy and depth in all of our ratings. Weddings are one of the most special days in a woman’s life, and we want you to look and feel your best on your big day.

We took multiple considerations when developing our ratings for wedding veils. Many of your specifications will come down to personal preference, but there is some objectivity to it as well.

Below are some of the characteristics we considered while creating our reviews. Hopefully, you’ll find this helpful in your search for the perfect wedding veil for your special day.

wedding veils


Wedding veils that are specific to certain kinds of wedding dress styles can be some of the best on the market. For these reviews, we tried to stay away from niche items to create the best general buying guide we could. Versatile styles like blushers and birdcages can go with a variety of hairstyles and dresses. If you’re shopping for a veil, you likely have already determined what dress you’re going to wear
and what hairstyle you’ll choose.


The quality of a veil is one of the essential features we looked for when developing our ratings. Veils are often thin and fragile, which means they’re inherently prone to rips and tears if you’re not careful. Still, some are sturdier than others. There are some brands of wedding veils that will fall apart after a strong gust of wind.

You want a veil that will last you through your wedding day and beyond. It needs to be sturdy enough to make it through a night of dancing and the subsequent storage. Giving your future daughter the veil for her wedding day is a beautiful experience. We selected some veils that will provide you with that option.

Customer Experience

Since these veils are all available online, we could look at consumer reviews for wedding veils that aren’t always available. Customers get past all the flowery language brands used to sell their products. They get down to the nuts and bolts of the issue.

One of the major problems with buying a veil online is seeing how it will look in person. If the picture is far different from the real thing, you’re going to have a problem. Along the same lines, fit and durability can only be tested by those who have purchased these veils for their wedding day. Customer feedback is always an essential characteristic in our ratings, and wedding veils are no different.

wedding veils

Our Top Five Picks 

Here are the five best wedding veils we’ve found throughout our online search. You can purchase most of these in local stores as well, so you can always try them on with your dress to see what you think. We hope you’ll find one or two veils that meet your specifications. 

If you need more tips on what to look for in a wedding veil, skip to our “buyer’s guide” section below.

EllieHouse Women’s Short 2-Tier Lace Bridal Veil

The EllieHouse wedding veil is an affordable, simple way to pull your wedding dress together. The veil comes in both pure white and ivory with a couple of different designs that you can tailor to your likings. It also comes with a free metal comb as an accessory to add to your wedding apparel.

If you’re looking for a veil that will accentuate a simple ball gown dress, it’s hard to find one that will fit better than this. It’s a versatile headpiece as well, meaning it will match multiple styles of dresses without clashing.

As far as durability, this veil will match up against some of the more expensive options in designer stores and still come out ahead. The fabric is light but doesn’t rip easily. Unless you tug at it, there’s a small chance it will tear on your wedding day.

EllieHouse Women's Short 2 Tier Lace Ivory Wedding Bridal Veil with Comb L24IV
  • Short wedding bridal veil with comb
  • 2 tier ,metal comb for free
  • First tier 70 cm(27 inch) ,second tier 90 cm(35 inch)the size of the veil can be custom made ,just mail us for your specific requirements

George Bride Lace Appliques Wedding Veil

The George Bride Wedding Veil is similar to the EllieHouse veil listed above, but it only has one tier instead of two. If you want a bit of a simpler look with the same length, style, and versatility, this wedding veil is another strong option. The veil also comes with a comb and is far cheaper than many of the designer options you’ll find in the store. You can purchase the George Bride veil in both snow white and ivory, so make sure your dress will match.

Some user reviews claimed that they made a few minor adjustments, so the veil was a better match for their dress, but this isn’t much of a drawback. You can change it a bit to fit your specific needs, and for under $20 it’s hard to beat.

No products found.

Aukmla Wedding Veils

If you want a longer veil at an affordable price, the Aukmla wedding veil might fit your needs. It provides a similar look like the previous two styles, but it’s 47 inches long instead of waist length.

Despite the extended length of this veil, the lace structure is durable and versatile. It goes with a variety of dresses and accessories so that it will fit most wedding day needs.
Before you buy this product, however, you need to take a look at the specific color you need.

Aukmla lists the item as Ivory, but it’s pure white. This color discrepancy has lead to some disappointed customers. The veil is still a great option if you want a cheap, long wedding veil. You just have to be aware of the color difference before purchasing.

Samky 1 Tier Pencil Edge Bridal Veil

If simplicity is what you’re looking for, the Samky veil has it. This veil will go with almost any dress imaginable as long as you stick with the ivory shade of white.

If you want to take attention away from your veil and toward your dress, a simple option like Samky might be what you’re looking for. It’s elbow length, so the veil isn’t very long, but it will show off the beautiful design on the back of your dress.

SAMKY 1T 1 Tier Hemmed Pencil Edge Bridal Wedding Veil -Light Ivory Shoulder Length 25" V523
  • Color: Light Ivory
  • Length: Shoulder Length 25"
  • Standard fullness 72 inches in width.

Passat Wedding Bridal Veil

The Passat veil is another short wedding veil that will go with a lot of different styles of dresses. Since it’s shorter than some of the other options we’ve covered, that means you can wear it with multiple hairstyles without completely blocking the back of your dress.

This veil is available in three colors: diamond white, pale ivory, and champagne. It’s a bit more fragile than some of the others we’ve reviewed, though, so be careful with this one!

No products found.

Buyer's Guide

Now that we’ve covered some of the best wedding veils you can find online, we’ll discuss some of the characteristics you should consider before you purchase.

Wedding veils aren’t like a lot of other products. There’s a fair bit of subjectivity that goes into your choices. A lot of which veils you prefer will come down to personal preference. You might not like the way one fits on your head or the way it matches your gown.

Ahead are some of the considerations you should think about before buying a wedding veil. Save yourself some time and hassle by figuring out what styles you like and which ones you don’t.

That way, you won’t have to send any back and can get the veil that perfectly compliments your wedding dress.

wedding veils

Determine Your Hairstyle

Your hairstyle is going to be the primary determining factor in which veil is best for your wedding day. If you haven’t already considered hairstyle options for your big day, you should do so before going veil shopping.

Check with your hairdresser to create the best hairstyle for your look, then plan your veil accordingly. If you still want to purchase the veil before choosing your hairstyle, go with a
blusher or birdcage. These veils can go with a variety of hairstyles. The length and style of your hair will also change the way you attach the veil to your head.

Since hair is such an important factor in veil selection, we recommend that you at least have an idea of a few hairstyles you’d like before purchasing a veil - especially from an online distributor.

Determine the Length You Want

Like many of the determining factors in a veil, the length has to compliment your dress. Buying the wrong length of the veil can make your dress look awkward, and the correct length can tie your whole look together. Decide on which style you’re aiming for. Short veils tend to look a bit more trendy than longer veils.

Longer veils, on the other hand, typically give you more of a formal, traditional look. Try on some different veils with your dress to see how they look. If the length doesn’t match, scrap them and select a different option. Length is one of the most subjective parts of picking a veil since so much of it comes down to personal preference.

wedding veils

Compliment The Back of Your Dress

The wedding veil you choose needs to compliment the back of your dress more than any other part. If the design on the back of your dress is the most intricate part, you don’t want to hide it with a thick veil.

If the back is simple and doesn’t have much detail to it, then you can draw attention to the long, flowing veil that covers it up. Most of the characteristics you need to consider will relate to what kind of a dress you choose. Working with a professional can help here, as they’ll be able to recommend a veil style that will highlight the strengths of your wedding dress.

Set Your Budget

If you’ve never shopped for veils before, you’ll be stunned at how expensive they can be. The amount of fabric doesn’t have much to do with how expensive the veil is, and sometimes the most fragile looking veils can be the costliest.

Set a price range before you start looking, so you don’t go over your budget. Wedding veils come in a wide variety of styles and price. You may find one for a few hundred dollars, with a similar one for a few thousand.

If you like an expensive veil, you can almost always find a similar one for cheaper. Do some research online and find the veil that best fits your price range. If money isn’t a concern for you, then go crazy and buy the most expensive veil out there. It’s your big day, after all.

Consider Your Accessory Selections

The hair accessories are often just as important as the veil you select. Each veil type has a few hair accessories that pair with them, and others that will only clash. Make your accessory selections first if you already have them in mind. This will narrow down your choices of veils. When you combine this element with your dress and hairstyle, and length preference, the options will limit themselves to the point where you can make an easy decision.

wedding veils

How Much of the Veil Do You Want to See?

If you’re obsessed with the veil you’ve found, you likely want it immortalized in your wedding photos. At the same time, you need to keep it practical enough, so it doesn’t get in your way during the reception.

Determining how prominent you want your veil will give you a better idea of which veil you should buy and how you should attach it to your head. If you want it to come off easily, so you don’t have to wear it during the reception, choose one that clips on and off easily. That way, you can dance without it and put it back on to take photos.

I hope that this article can make your veil shopping experience much smoother!

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