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5 Cute Ways to Ask Your Friends to be Your Bridesmaids

Thinking about popping the question to your best friend for her to be apart of your wedding day? Even though popping the question to you was nerve-wracking for the groom, this question is much more fun to ask. When it comes to asking someone to be your bridesmaid in your wedding you can go so many different directions. Here are a couple of ways you can ask your friends and family members to be apart of your bridal party that are fun and unique!

1. Think Inside the Box

This way to ask someone to be your bridesmaid is great for the bride that loves to give gifts. When asking a bridesmaid this way, you can create box full of goodies that your future-bridesmaid is going to need on your wedding day and things that you think that she will like. Some ideas include nail polish, tissues, a movie, something with their initials, lipstick, and anything you think they might need and want. This is a cute way to ask your friends and family because it shows that you were thinking of them and how intentional you were being when making up the box. It is and out of the box way to be inside the box when asking your bridesmaid-to-be.

2. Have a Mini-Proposal



Remember that special moment when your fiance asked you to marry them? Of course you do and so will your bridesmaids when they think back to when you asked them to be apart of your wedding day. You can choose to “propose” to them in either a public setting, like a restaurant, or in a private setting, like in front of a crackling fireplace. This type of way to ask someone to be your bridesmaid brings out your inner romantic and can make for adorable pictures to post on your favorite social media website. There is not much planning needed for this, all you need is a date to hang out and a box to put your choice of jewelry.

3. Send them on an Adventure



By sending your bridesmaid-to-be on an adventure you will be sure to make memories. You can either send them to find puzzle pieces that make up the question like in the picture or you can send them on a scavenger hunt which sends them to places that you both hold dear to your heart. This will get both of your adrenaline rushing which will lead to an exciting, fun-filled journey you two will embark on together. The payoff will be great once you see their faces light up with excitement and joy when you reveal your question. If you decide to ask someone to be your bridesmaid this way, be sure you are okay with doing a lot of planning so that there is little confusion when it comes to deciphering the clues.

4. Be Spontaneous

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Are you a person who enjoys lack of structure and predictability? Then this is the perfect way to ask your friends and family to be apart of your bridal party. By being spontaneous, not only will your bridesmaid be surprised, but you will also! It can happen anywhere and will be a special moment. Out for coffee with your best friend? Why not offer to go pick up their drink for them and jot down a note on the side. Having a movie night with the girls? You can ask all of them right there and then and kill eight birds with one stone, or however many bridesmaids you want. This way of asking your bridesmaids to be apart of your wedding adds an element of excitement and fun which will make it hard to forget.

5. Bake it Out

This idea is for the inner baker in all of us. By baking your question inside of a fortune cookie, you will be able to add a pizzaz and creativity to your question-asking process. Not only will your bridesmaids be surprised, but they will also be astonished of how creative and ingenious you are. The perfect time that you can pop the question this way is after having a nice Chinese-takeout dinner with the girls. Just imagine the smiles on their faces as they read that their fortune predicts them being apart of your wedding.

No matter how you ask someone to be your bridesmaid, they are sure to say yes. The ways listed above will help you add some pizazz to the question-asking process and will leave that moment in time unforgettable and exciting.

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