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5 DIY Halloween Kid Crafts We Can’t Get Enough Of

Halloween is a great time to break out that box of art supplies and get crafting. There is just something about the cooling of the outside temperatures that bring about feelings of creating something fun. Let’s take a look at five Halloween crafts that are easy to make and fun to display. You don’t need any crafting experience at all, so even if you don’t consider yourself a crafty person, have no fear. The directions are easy to follow. So come along and let’s get crafting!

DIY Leaf Bowl

The fun thing about the DIY Leaf Bowl is that you get to go outside and collect the leaves! This is a great activity for kids, because what child doesn’t like collecting those pretty Autumn leaves. For that matter, what adult doesn’t love collecting colorful leaves? The finished result is a bowl that will display the result of memories made. A bonus is that it can also serve as a Halloween candy bowl.

Image Source: Hello!Lucky


  • Colorful Leaves
  • One Balloon
  • White Glue or Modpodge
  • A sponge paintbrush
  • Scissors


  • Blow up the balloon.
  • Use the scissors to cut the leaves off any branches that you’ve collected.
  • Mix equal part water and glue in a bowl or use Mod Podge solution.
  • Apply the glue solution to the balloon by using the brush
  • Add leaves to the balloon by applying the glue on top of the leaf to hold it down.
  • Cover the whole balloon with leaves.
  • Air dry for 24-48 hours.  Pop the balloon and you have yourself a leaf bowl!

Halloween Paper Rolls

Toilet paper and paper towel rolls have been associated with crafting since the beginning of time. But the neat thing is that this activity never gets old. And there are always new ideas coming out of what to make with paper rolls. Here I will go over how to make four different types of Halloween Paper Rolls. Let your imagination run wild here and think of other Halloween paper roll creations too!

Image Source: The Best Ideas For Kids


4 Paper Rolls
Toilet Paper or paper towel rolls cut down to size
Google eyes
Red Glitter Paper
Cardstock – green, red, white



  • Paint your paper roll orange.
  • Cut out mouth, nose, and eyes using black construction paper. Glue face parts on.
  • Cut step and glue on top.
  • Cut a strip of green cardstock and curl around the pencil. Glue on the stem.
  • Paint roll green.
  • Cut out eyebrows and mouth using black construction paper. Glue on. Then add google eyes
  • Cut out a strip of black construction paper for the hair. Cut out zig zag marks on the bottom of this strip. Glue this to the top of the paper roll.
  • Glue on google eyes.
  • Glue strips of toilet paper to the top of your paper roll to look like a mummy.
  • Paint the paper roll with a flesh color.
  • Cut out hair from black construction paper. Glue to the top. Make a peak in the hair so that it comes down to where the eyes will be.
  • Glue on google eyes.
  • Draw a mouth on with a sharpie.
  • Cut out two small triangles for fangs. Use white cardstock and glue it on.
  • Add a red glitter bow to the front.
  • Cut out a large triangle from the red cardstock. Glue to the back.

Halloween Handprints

The beauty of handprint crafts are that the handprint is as unique as the person who made it. This is a great activity for kids of all ages, adults included!


  • Orange construction paper
  • Black tempera paint or finger paint
  • Black sharpie
  • Google eyes


  • Cover your hand with black paint.
  • Press your hand firmly in the center of the paper. Make sure to keep your fingers spread apart because you want to create legs for the spider with your fingerprints.
  • Allow to air dry and then turn the paper upside down so that fingerprints are facing down.
  • Add google eyes as the image indicates so that your spider can see.
  • Use the sharpie to create a single strand spider web that your spider will hang from. Add spider webs to the sides of your drawing in the top corners and bottom left corner as shown in the image.

Image Source: Fok

Newspaper Witch Craft

Not all witches are mean. There are cute and friendly kinds too like you will create by following the directions here. Enjoy and make your witch as friendly or mean as you’d like!

Image Source: I Heart Crafty Things


  • Newspaper
  • Patterned paper for background
  • watercolors
  • paintbrush
  • cardstock
  • Google eyes
  • markers
  • scissors
  • glue


  • Paint a portion of your newspaper with orange watercolors and some portion with black watercolors. Allow to dry.
  • Cut out pieces. You will need a face, nose from unpainted newspaper, hat, dress from black painted newspaper, and small strips from orange painted newspaper for the hair.
  • Glue witch dress to bottom of cardstock paper. Then glue witch face at the top of the dress. Crinkle up pieces of the orange newspaper strips. Glue them on the sides of the face for the hair.
  • Glue the black hat to the witch. Then glue on the witch nose.
  • Finish by gluing on google eyes and drawing on a smile using your markers.

Paper Cup Ghosts

Halloween just isn’t complete without crafts hanging from the ceiling. Here is a super easy and adorably cute paper cup ghost craft that any age can make.


  • White paper cups
  • White tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • String
Image Source: Make Film Play


  • Turn your cup upside down and use a marker to draw on eyes and an oval-shaped mouth as shown in the photo. It helps to keep white specks on the eyes to make the eyes look real.
  • Cut up paper into strips by using the scissors.
  • Glue strips to inside of cup as shown in the image.
  • Cut a string about 2 feet long or as long as you’d like to make the string for hanging your ghost.
  • Make a very tiny hole in the bottom center of your cup for hanging.
  • Tie a knot in your string on one end. You may want to double knot it to make it a larger knot so that it doesn’t come through the cup hole.
  • Bring the unknotted string through the bottom inside of the cup and pull through until the knot stops you from pulling in through.
  • Turn your ghost cup right side up, hang and enjoy!

Final Thoughts On Creating DIY Halloween Crafts

These were only directions to follow to make these simple crafts. But it’s up to you to make them as unique as you are! So if you wear glasses and want your witch to wear glasses, then, by all means, add glasses. Or how about some eyebrows to your paper cup ghost? Add some glitter to your leaf bowl if you are feeling in the mood. You get the point. Have fun and don’t be afraid to take some risks. Happy Halloween and happy crafting!

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