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5 Easy Lunch Ideas To Pack For Each Day Of The Week

Can packing your lunch really be easy?

Are you struggling with packing your lunch during the week? Or maybe you have no idea what to pack for your husband or significant other? It can be hard to have the energy to make something amazing for lunch each day when you are stressed out, tired, and already made dinner, but, there are some great easy options out there that will take you no time at all.


Monday is both the easiest and toughest lunch to pack for each week. You have the time over the weekend to actually make something, but you also have zero desire to get ready to go back to work. So what are some quick, yet tasty things you can make for your lunch on Monday?



This is a perfect and easily transportable option for your Monday lunch time. Heat up a can of Campbell’s soup, or pack something homemade. This is also helpful if you spend your day sitting in a chillier office. Bring an apple, some bread, or crackers as a quick side.


Once Tuesday hits you have finally accepted that this week is going to happen, but good news, you have made it through Monday. So what should you pack on Tuesday?

Fresh Salad


Now you can be as fancy or casual with this salad as you want. If you want to add some fun summer kick to your salad, why not buy strawberries and walnuts to add. Cut up chicken can also be added to any salad in no time. But, if even that is too much work, simply bring a bag of lettuce, your favorite dressing, and a fork. This is a healthy alternative that will help keep your diet on track.


Happy hump day! This might be the day of the week where you are seriously evaluating if you should quit your job or leave your husband to fend for himself. But don’t give up all your faith just yet! You want to make sure that whatever you choose to eat on Wednesday is quick, yet filling. So what are my suggestions?

A Hearty Sandwich


This is the day that you layer on those deli meats, cheeses, and tomatoes to make your ultimate work sandwich. This meal is complete with just a bag of chips and an apple. A sandwich takes minimal effort to make, and also will be quite filling.


The weekend is almost here! Hopefully, by realizing you have almost survived yet another week, Thursdays will give you a little more energy to make your lunch. Or, maybe not.



Now I am purposefully being vague with this one. Pasta can be tasty almost any way that you make it and is very specific to people’s unique tastes.  Boiling pasta can take up to 20 minutes a night, so why not boil yourself some pasta while you catch up on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy?

You can add veggies, dressings, meat sauce, cheese, and so much more to this treat. But, because pasta is very filling, you won’t have to bring any additional snacks for your lunch.


I can taste the weekend! Can you?  So what should you have the day before your freedom?

Buy It

What, you might be saying? But, you seriously earned it. Why not take a day each week to go get your lunch from a great establishment. Or, from the MTO section of Sheetz or any gas station in your area? Or leftovers from the week? Either way, don’t actually make your lunch on Fridays. You have much more pressing matters to attend to on Thursday night, like planning how much wine you can drink this coming weekend.

I know that these might seem like really simple lunches, but that’s the point. If you have time to make full on Asian cuisine, sauteed something or other, or enjoy spending your time making your lunch each day, then more power to you. But, for my girls out there that dread packing their lunch and can stretch one meal into three days, these tips were for you.


For some easy to make meals for every day of the week, check out our article here.

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