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The Real Advice You Need To Hear Before Mom And Dad Visit

Take a deep breath. Possibly a glass a wine. Mom and Dad are coming to visit. And you have no idea how to prepare.

So you have finally moved out on your own, maybe to a new city or town, or maybe just a block down the road, but either way you have your own place. You get excited decorating, preparing, and stocking your apartment, and somewhere along the way, it starts to feel like home. But then you get a call from your parents; they want to visit. And you start to freak out. It can be intimidating having your parents come to your apartment, new city, or into your new life for the first time. And as someone who might not be used to entertaining long term guests, there are some things you need to know.

Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Food

I know that this might sound like a huge no-brainer, but it is easy to forget about little details like breakfast and snacks. Sure you will be going out with your parents, but what are they going to eat from day to day? What are they going to eat when you are at work? Should you buy some pie for dessert? These are all great questions to consider. Recently, my Mom came to visit me for the first time. When I was asked by a family member what she would eat for lunch when I was at work, I just sat there gaping at him. You mean she’ll have to eat? And giving your parents money to get their own food isn’t a very good idea, apparently. You also need to make sure that you have enough food for all of you. That means that you have enough food so you don’t start to get possessive when they start eating everything in sight. It might not be wise to tell your parents who have literally given you everything to, “Get their hands off your food.”



Clean, Clean, Clean

So you’ve kept a pretty good schedule of cleaning your apartment once a week or every couple of weeks. Hey, you fish your hair out of the drain when you need to, right? You run the handheld vacuum and clean the dishes, but with your parents coming you have to pretend you’re “real adult” clean. I’m talking “washing your baseboards, making your bed, dusting around the house,” clean. And definitely, make sure that you’ve cleaned the toilet. 



Get That Free Stuff

Of course, it’s amazing and wonderful that your parents have come to see you. I know that you are beyond excited to show them around the little parts of life you have made for yourself, but them coming to visit also means some positive things for you, mainly money. So take your mom to your favorite shopping center with that cute dress that you’ve had your eye on. Pretend to reach for the check when out for another meal with your parents. Keep your fridge low-stocked so your parents think they need to give you money to “survive.” Ok, so this is terrible, terrible advice. But, if you do have your parents visit, there is a good chance that you could get at least a free meal and a free tank of gas out of it.


Let Them Into Your World For The Weekend

Your parents are visiting you because they want to see you and see the life you’ve created for yourself. Don’t shut them out. Introduce them to your new friends or co-workers. Tell them about the horrible dates you’ve been on, or the great ones. Take them to your favorite coffee shops, boutiques, and spots around town. As much as your parents might drive you crazy at times, I am sure that you are feeling sad to be living alone without them. Spend the time you have with them.



Hide Everything 

Those bottles of vodka in your fridge, those should probably go. If you have anything in your apartment or house that could shock or upset your parents, hide it! Hopefully, you don’t have to stuff a whole closet full.


Change Your Phone Password

Been spending your time on any dating app you can get your hands on, or been texting that cute guy from the gym? Either way, if you don’t want your parents to see everyone you’ve been communicating with, you might want to change your password or even contact names on your phone. This will also be helpful if you’re in a group chat with your friends that doesn’t always stay PG appropriate.


With these tips, your weekend with your parents will be the ultimate success!

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