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5 Thoughts That Everyone Has On Their Wedding Day

Everyone’s been there.

Your big day has finally arrived, and you might be freaking out on the inside. Do you really know what you are getting into? Does your husband-to-be? Take a deep breath and relax, this is the moment you have been waiting for, and these pesky thoughts will not ruin your day. To make you feel even better, we’ve compiled five thoughts that everyone thinks at least once during their big day. 

What Am I Doing? 

On the day of your wedding, you might be terrified of all that the day is going to entail. It might be around this time that you wonder why you decided to have such a big wedding after all. But, take a minute to remember all the fun that today is going to be. Everything is going to run smoothly, and everyone is going to have an excellent time.

What If My Dress Doesn’t Fit? 

It’s natural to feel nervous about your dress fitting on your wedding day. This could especially be true if you were hoping to shed a few pounds before your wedding. Luckily, if anything goes wrong, you have an army of bridesmaids to help you out with plenty of safety pins.

What If He Doesn’t Show?

Even if you are so confident in your fiance, it’s natural to let Hollywood movie fiction get the best of you. It can be easy to worry that he’ll not show up, decide to cut the wedding, or get cold feet. It’s natural for everyone to be nervous. So, if either you or your fiance are experiencing pre-wedding nerves, be open and discuss it. He is going to show up, and your wedding will be amazing.

Is Everyone Having Fun? 

As the host of the wedding, of course, you want to make sure that your guests are having fun. It can be harder when you are a bride, however, and you don’t have time to check over all the little details. Try to let go of the elements you can’t control and have left up to your trusted family and friends. If you are having a great time and enjoying your new husband, everyone else will have fun just soaking that in.

Why Was I So Worried? 

At the end of the wedding night when you and your new hubby are jetting off to your honeymoon destination, you’re going to laugh that you worried at all. By recounting all the amazing times you had throughout the day, you’ll be both relieved and sad that it’s over.

So don’t worry if you think these things frequently on your wedding day, that’s perfectly normal. Just make sure that when these thoughts enter your mind, that you take a deep breath and push them aside. Your wedding day hopefully only happens once, and you don’t want to miss a moment of it.

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