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5 Tips To Help You And Your Husband Discipline Your Child Together

When you first start on the path of parenthood with your spouse, you may have no idea what you are doing. It can be hard to navigate parenthood, your new marriage relationship, and how to discipline your new child all at the same time. So, what are the things you should discuss with your husband before you discipline your child? How can you make sure you are both on the same page? In today’s articles, we are discussing just that.

How To Handle Behavior In Public

Unfortunately, if you have ever experienced grocery shopping or any public event with toddlers, it doesn’t take long for them to throw temper tantrums. So, to combat this, talk with your husband about how to handle when your bundle of joy wrecks terror in public. Talk about if you are going to take them out of the store, spank them, speak loudly to them, etc. It is essential to make sure you and your husband are on the same page so that your child doesn’t misbehave for the more lenient parent.

To Spank Or Not To Spank

When our parents were growing up, people thought nothing about spanking a child. Frankly, teachers were even granted that privilege. Now, I know that people can have strong opinions either way for spanking, but you need to make your own decision as a family. Decide before your baby is old enough to spank if you want to spank your child when they misbehave.

Set The Example

A lot of times, kids pick up those nasty behaviors from what they see their parents doing. For example, if you don’t ever share with your husband, your child might not want to share either. Make sure that you and your husband are aware of how you are interacting with each other and other people while your child is watching. They pick up much more then we realize.

Be Open To Change

Realize that what might work best for disciplining your child when they are two years old, isn’t going to be work as well when they are six. Take time as your child gets older to talk to your spouse about how your discipline will change. Maybe instead of a timeout, they now get limited screen time or their cell phones taken away. Also, if you have multiple children, realize that you are most likely going to have different rules and consequences for each age set.

Communication Is Key

The most crucial part of any strong marriage and parenting team is communication. You need to talk openly with your spouse about what you think your child’s punishment should be and tell them about the problems you might be having with your child separately. Once again, you don’t want your children to think they can expect different or easier treatment from one of their parents. Try your best to get on the same page for everything, and discipline your children the same way when you are alone with them.

In conclusion, disciplining your kids is one of the least fun aspects of parenting.  I hope that these tips can help you and your husband get on the same page with disciplining your child.

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